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Notice of

Annual General Meeting 2012

Lighthouse Club News 2


Last year instead of publishing the Lighthouse Club and Benevolent Fund Annual Accounts in the Newsletter, we published them online and had a lot of positive feedback frommembers who appreciated the extra space made avail-able for branch news.

The accounts will therefore be published online again and will be available on the home page of the website no later than Friday 25 May 2012. Hard copies will also be available at the AGM. Should you not be able to access the accounts online and would like a copy please contact Mandy Mallitt on 0844 2726322 for assistance.

Notice is hereby given that the 56th Annual General Meeting of the Lighthouse Club will be held on Monday 11th June 2012 at the RAF Club, 128 Piccadilly, London, W1J 7PY.

Turning Old into Gold…

To Absent

Let’s face it, times are tough at the moment and money is short, but there are ways to help the Lighthouse Club without spending a penny by donating things you no longer need.

Our ongoing appeal asking everyone to donate old mobile phones and PDA’s for re-cycling has raised £3,500 to date. Companies can help further by contributing used inkjet and toner cartridges as well as phones.

If you have an old mobile lying around (or your company uses lots of cartridges), donating is simple and free; go to for full instructions.

At the end of every quarter the company running the appeal sends us a cheque for the old phones and cartridges received”.

We wish to pay a warm and heartfelt tr to Mr Patrick Moore, longstanding mem of our North West Branch who sadly pa away recently.

Pat who was the past owner of Wilmslo Plant Hire Co Limited joined the Lighth Club back in 1979 and was an active member of the North West Branch Committee for over 30-years including serving as Chairman from 1989 to 1993. extremely likeable personality made hi a great asset to the Club especially whe persuading people to donate prizes for Tombola at the annual Christmas event and he and his wife Audrey attended m

Let’s Stay In Touch

Our Lighthouse Club members are extremely important and we care about keeping all of you up to date both on the branch events in your area and on the work we’re doing to help construction industry families in need.

If you move house, change your e-mail address or have a new telephone number please let us know, so we can keep you in the know.

Change your details by phoning Mandy Mallitt on 01473 231 831 or e-mailing

Page 2 - brochures

This is a SEO version of brochures. Click here to view full version

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