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Your Voice Counts; Make It Heard…

In the last issue we advertised three vacancies on the National Council.

We had lots of enquiries and four serious contenders, all passionate about playing their part in the development of the Lighthouse Club.

With four applicants competing for only three vacancies we must hold a ballot and are inviting all our members to vote for the three candidates they feel are best suited to represent you nationally. To do that you’ll need to know who they are.

Ian Erskine

John Griffn

Mark Everett

Alan Waterson

As Dublin Branch Secretary for 20 years Ian been nominated by his Branchwho feel the Irish voice should be heardwhen the Club debates its administration and strategic affairs.

Ian’s 42 year long career beganwith Castrol Ireland Ltd, then through a succession of take-overs, Burmah Castrol Ireland Ltd and briefy

BP. He has extensive experience in sales and marketing coupledwith technical expertise.

The Irish Construction Industry has seen a dramatic reduction in employment recently, a trend that is expected to continue and there are less medium and large build projects making it diffcult to raise funds but experienced branch committees in Ireland

are doing what they can to weather this unprecedented National change of fortune.

This is a time when membership will fall as the Industry contracts but Ian feels it is important The Lighthouse Club maintains a strong presence in Ireland.

Born in 1976, John was educated at Bishop’s Stortford College. Upon leaving university he joined London & Home Counties, an obvious move for someone with a passion for the construction industry. He later founded The Hire Alliance, a national buying group.

John’s father, an active member in the

industry, instilled in him the need for the Club. John has served on the London committee for more than a decade and has been Chairman since 2007; a role in which has seen him raise £500,000. John assists the National Steering Group in developing key strategy to establish the Club as a leading charity. He believes that

this can be achieved by listening to the needs of those requiring assistance; getting down to grass roots and growing the membership; improving communication and creating greater awareness of the Club. John’s experience of and passion for the Club would make him a valuable Council member.

Mark is the retired former MD of Edinburgh based J&JE Contractors and also acts as a Consultant in a waste management business in Kelty, Fife.

As Chairman of the Benevolent Fund Trustees since 2005 Mark is already a well known fgure across the Lighthouse

Club. For around 12 years he also acted as Welfare Offcer for the Scotland East Branch and still makes the occasional visit if required giving him personal experience of the tact and sympathy required when dealing with the people who apply to our Fund for help.

He has set himself the task of making our branches more aware of the work the Benevolent Fund carries out as it distributes the money raised throughout the country. In May 2011 he set himself a goal to re-establish our founding branch, North East, which thanks to hard work and a dynamic new team is thriving.

With over 40-years of extensive construction industry knowledge from grass roots to management level Alan worked as a Senior Contract Manager for Mowlem/Carillion before retiring 2 years ago.

Alan has served on the Western Branch committee for almost 30-years, as Secretary and as Chairman. His excellent

organisational skills are fully utilised organising meetings and functions to promote good fellowship. He is working to develop ideas to increase and sustain membership numbers.

Alan feels being a team player has been very important throughout his life and if elected to the National Council would be a voice for

other branches in the South, South West & South Wales. He always attends the Annual Secretary Meetings in London and feels he has made a good contribution by putting views forward and listening to others.

Alan is also Secretary of The Ron Bryant Trust which provides help to disabled children in and around Bath.

Ian Erskine John Griffn Mark Everett Alan Waterson 3

Once you’ve had a chance to carefully consider your choices please complete the ballot paper provided and return it (as per the instructions) by no later than 1st June 2012.

Page 3 - brochures

This is a SEO version of brochures. Click here to view full version

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