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Engineering Consultancy


With over 20 years experience, Modulift’s team of Lifting Engineers are able to provide expert advice in all aspects of onshore

and offshore lifting. We can also provide a custom designed and engineered lifting solution for all your lifting requirements.

Engineering Consultancy

Whether you require advocacy in safe and effective procedures for the use of heavy lifting equipment or need RFID training to

enable you to remotely take complete control over your assets, Modulift are here to help.

Custom Design Services

Not every load fits into a standard lifting mould. Our team of engineers are lifting industry experts capable of coming up with

the ideal solution for your lifting requirements. With innovative thinking we can develop the right equipment to meet your

needs whether they be height, environment, price, weight, flexibility of use, speed of assembly or transportation requirements

to name but a few - we can design a solution for you.

Rig Design

When dealing with customers who require lifts that involve more complex rigs and combinations of Modulift Spreader Beams

or where the item being lifted does not have a central centre of gravity, our customers can call on our assistance. We will

make available our engineering team who will assist by designing the most appropriate solution using the Modulift range of


Services Available

• Engineering Design

• Lifting Consultancy

• RFID Project Management

• Engineering Drafting

• Rig Planning Services

• Lifting and Rigging Training

• Contract Lifting Management and Site Supervision

Why Use Modulift?

• All our equipment conforms to the highest engineering standards and meets or exceeds government and industry

regulations such as AS 4991 - 2004 and BS13155, and Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998 (LOLER)

• Modulift have ISO 9001: 2008, 14001:2004 & 18001:2007 and are members of LEEA

• Using a specialist engineering company gives you peace of mind for a safe lift with engineers on hand to ensure

everything runs smoothly

• We can design a solution specifically designed for your needs minimising potential problems associated with

using incorrect equipment

• Reduced costs associated with: over engineering; excessive design times, individual fabrication requirements,

testing and liability insurance; and damaged loads