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In January 2013, global spreader beammanufacturer, Modulift, designed and built spreaders to

lift the world’s most powerful gas turbine:

the Rolls-Royce MT30 turbine was installed into the Royal Navy’s

new aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth, at Babcocks Rosyyth Shipyard in Scotland.

Rolls Royce viewed the lifting

of the gas turbine as a “significant milestone” in the Queen Elizabeth shipbuilding programme.

Having worked together on a number of heavy lift projects, Rolls-Royce approached lifting experts Modulift to

custom design and manufacture the lifting solution for the 50 tonne MT30 turbines. For Modulift, the pinnacle of

this project was the successful lift and installation of the steel housed turbine onto the ships structure.

In order to design the rig to lift the 50 tonne MT30 turbines, Modulift took key information that was provided

such as the centre of gravity position, and created detailed rig drawings - the aim was to achieve a level lift using

3 spreader beams in a ‘one over two’ formation, and ensuring that the slings were vertical at each corner. This was

achieved by firstly specifying custom length struts so that the Modulift spreader beams were each of an exact

length, and secondly by providing unequal length top slings to take into account the CoG position.

Modulift Lifts theWorlds Largest Gas Turbine!


Modulift Custom Design