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System Benefits

• Cheaper and easier to transport than a fixed system

• Easy to set up, handle and manoeuvre

• Re-configure the frame to any size to allow for multiple uses

• The corner plate has a bow (like the shackle). This means that a reversed Shackle can contact the

plate ‘bow to bow’ allowing it to easily rotate to suit any angle of sling and setup of frame without

de-rating the Shackle

Design Strengths

The plate is made of high strength carbon steel and is specifically designed to withstand any bending,

and transfers the compression to the strut in an almost purely axial form. The system was designed to

BS EN 13155 – Non Fixed Lifting Load Attachments and the method of Shackle connection has been

approved by Van Beest.

CMOD T-pieces

Elaborating on this popular concept Modulift has now developed

a T-Piece to work in conjunction with the CMOD. This allows the

frame to become a 6-point lift, (8-point,10-point and so forth

on request) adding yet another dimension to your

Modulift equipment. Spans of up to 40m x 16m and capacities

of up to 200t are available as standard.