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One BeamMany Lifts

For Larger Lighter Loads

For longer spans and lighter loads, additional components are available allowing you to optimise the weight of our higher

capacity range of Modular Spreader Beams to carry out these lifts. These struts provide the backbone of our Spreader

Beams when trying to achieve longer spans. We have two solutions that can make the system more flexible and cheaper for

you by interchanging smaller capacity End Units and Drop Links.

• Step-Down End Units are designed for smaller sizes, up to the MOD 70

• Cone Adaptors accommodate the larger sizes

These additional components allow your existing Spreader Beam to become even more versatile over a number of lifts so

you can remain cost-effective with your rigging and crane capacity requirements.

By stepping down the End Units to a more suitable capacity, you can optimise your Shackles and Slings to provide a lighter

system overall.

There are a number of ways you can utilise our Modular Spreader Beams, for example;

Need a span of 20m/66’ but are only lifting 70t

- we can provide you with a MOD 250/70 giving you Cone Adapters and

MOD 70 End Units to bolt to MOD 250 struts to achieve the required overall Spreader Beam system.

Need to lift 24t but at 12m/40’

- change our standard MOD 70 Spreader Beam End Units to Step-Down End Units and

decrease the SWL to 24t allowing you to use smaller Shackles and Slings with the MOD 70 struts.

Need to lift 100t

– if you already have a MOD 70 Spreader Beam, by changing the End Units to the MOD 70H End Units you

can increase the SWL to 100t negating the need to buy a completely brand new Spreader Beam.

Using one of our Modular Spreader Beams enables you to be more flexible over a number of lifts without needing

to buy a new Spreader Beam every time, our lightweight design also minimises the overall weight of the lifting

equipment and the costs incurred whilst working between the hook and the load.

Interchangeable Components