A proven performer
The TLB890 comes equipped with the optional
highly acclaimed 7 in 1 front bucket which delivers
powerful break out force and exceptional lifting
ability reaching a full height of 3.5m (11'3") enabling
easy loading into high-sided trucks. The front bucket
delivers a heaped capacity of 1.2m
increased productivity.
The ‘return to dig’ function is selectable at the
press of a button quickly returning the bucket
to its level position. With impressive pushing force
and an ultra-tight turning circle, the TLB890
provides effortless loading, carrying ability and
site manoeuvrability.
The single bucket cylinder uses fewer
components which reduces maintenance routines
and operating costs.
What this means for you
Hydro mechanical self leveling avoids spillage and allows
load retention at full height
Hydraulic unload button controls loader lift speed and also
boosts the machine’s pushing performance
Dual function control of the 7 in 1 bucket delivers
simultaneous clamshell and bucket operation
Choice of bucket teeth or bolt on reversible cutting edge
Mechanical quick attach enables a wide range
of attachments to be fitted. Available as an option