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III. Digital transformation and Big Data

09:00 The challenges of Big Data transformation in a hard-iron

manufacturing company

• Cultural challenges of data transformation - Who is the hero?

• Proving the value of telematics - Smoke and mirrors

• Organizational aspects - To centralize or not?

• Data privacy - Whose data is it anyway?

• It does actually work - Some examples of value generation

Stephen Leese,

Manager Machine Knowledge Center, Deere & Company,

Moline, Illinois, USA

09:40 Digital Harvest with Farming 4.0 - Chances and challenges

of the digital transformation in the agricultural industry

• Data-based precision and prescription farming are the future key

business drivers

• Introducing the CLAAS data lake approach for the analysis of machine


• Customer added value business models and opportunities with

combined customer and machine data

• How to cope with organizational and technical challenges

Philip Vospeter,

Head of Information Service Sales Companies, CLAAS KGaA,

Harsewinkel, Germany

10:20 Networking & coffee break

10:50 DDS – Data Distribution Service communications

• As a mobile off-highway software development company: How we

uncovered the need for DDS and why we are interested in

• Development activity with DDS

• DDS - A secure communications proposal for Real Time, M2M and

remote connectivity

• Existing DDS use cases

Nicholas Pridham,

Managing Director, Hamatics Limited, Darrington, United


IV. Cyber security challenges

11:30 Cyber security challenges for cloud connectivity in the off-

highway industry

• Security-critical use cases: Threats and requirements for cloud security

• Layered security: How to prevent attacks on the vehicle

• Certificate-based authentication: How to prevent attacks on the cloud


• Cloud security: Future challenges

Dr. rer. nat. Alexander Meurer,

Senior Security Consultant, Consulting &

Engineering, ESCRYPT GmbH – Embedded Security, Bochum, Germany

12:10 Lunch

13:30 On-board and cloud based diagnostics – The sunny and the

dark side

• Classification of diagnostic algorithms

• New possibilities in moving to cloud

• The dark side of cloud based diagnostics

• Possible architectures and infrastructures

• Liability and legislation influences

Dipl.-Ing. Marcel Romijn,

Business Development and Project Leader, BRACE

Automotive, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, co-author: Dipl.-Ing. Matthias

Weber, Founder & Owner, Roben Automotive, Równe, Poland and Medi

Samsami, Bearingpoint, Hamburg, Germany

14:10 The challenges and benefits of remote over-the-air


• Who needs remote OTA management?

• What are the risks and challenges?

• Are software updates the only use case?

Roger Ordman,

Director of Product, Marketing, co-author: Rudolf von

Stokar, Sales Director, Redbend, Connected Services, HARMAN International,

Garching/Tel Aviv, Germany/Israel

14:50 Networking & coffee break

V. Autonomous off-highway machines and future trends

15:20 Mining 4.0 – A journey into the future of mining

• Mining where it all began

• New mining challenges for Miners and OEMs

• Autonomous mining technologies

• Outlook into the future

Jens Klopmeier,

Manager Product Marketing & Planning, Application

Engineering, Komatsu Mining Germany GmbH, Düsseldorf, Germany

16:10 The development and testing of a fully autonomous


• Vehicle platform capable of carrying out a field scale agricultural

deposition task

• Using autonomous machines in an arable agriculture setting

• Software algorithms managing the behavior of the vehicle

Dr. Ianto Guy,

Head of Off Road Vehicle Design, Harper Adams University,

Newport, United Kingdom

16:50 Conference chair’s closing remarks

17:00 End of conference

2nd day

Wednesday, May 11, 2016