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This workshop provides an overview on security for off-highway

vehicles and allows participants to interactively exchange information

with peers. Starting with an introduction about the history of the

development of IT solutions and IT security for off-highway machines,

we discuss contemporary trends. The main part of the workshop

consists of breakout sessions in which important topics will be

elaborated on and followed by moderated discussions. Participants

are invited to actively contribute during the breakouts. All breakouts

are started by a short presentation, including comparisons with

similar developments as occurred in other industries if available. Each

session is followed by mutual presentations and discussion of results.


• Trends in off-highway (Smart Farming, Mining)

• Vehicle Security - Overview on IT security risks and solutions for off-

highway applications

Breakout Sessions - Planned topics include:

• Security requirements of connectivity and remote use cases

• V2V, V2B and task data management

• State-of-the-art security solution building blocks



Authentication, signatures, secure boot etc.

Discussion and conclusion

• Main findings of the workshop day

• The future of IT security for off-highway machines

(Please note that the number of participants is limited. Registrations and

individual parts and segments of the workshop are subject to confirmation)

International VDI Workshop

IT Security for Off-Highway Machines

Date and venue:

May 12, 2016

Düsseldorf, Germany



Workshop chair:

secunet Security Networks


Munich, Germany

You decide

the topics

we discuss!