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Terms and Conditions


: Registration for conference attendance must be made in writing.

Confirmation of your registration and the associated invoice will be mailed to you.

Please do not pay your conference attendance fee until you have received our

invoice and its invoice number to be stated for transfer. German VAT directives

apply. Please state your VAT-ID with your registration.

Conference venue:

Hilton Düsseldorf

Georg-Glock-Str. 20

40474 Düsseldorf, Germany

Phone: +49 211 4377-0



Hotel room reservation


A limited number of rooms has been reserved for the benefit of the conference

participants at the Hilton Düsseldorf. Please refer to “VDI Conference”. For more


VDI Wissensforum service package

: The conference package includes the

conference documents (online), beverages during breaks, lunch and the get-


Conference attendance conditions and terms:

By way of your registration

you accept the conference attendance conditions and terms of VDI Wissensforum

GmbH as binding. Any cancellation of your registration must be made in writing.

We will charge you only an administrative fee of € 50.00 plus German VAT if you

cancel your registration earlier than 14 days ahead of the conference date.

Any cancellation that reaches us after this deadline will entail the conference

attendance fee as stated in our invoice to be charged in full. The date of the post

office stamp of your written cancellation will be the decisive criterion. In that

case, we will gladly mail you the conference documents on request. Subject to

agreement, you may name a substitute participant. Individual parts and sections of

conferences and seminars cannot be booked. You will be informed without delay if

an event has to be cancelled for unforeseeable reasons. In that instance, you will

be entitled only to a refund of your conference attendance fee if already paid. We

reserve the right to exchange speakers and/or change the program sequence in

exceptional cases. In any case, the liability of VDI Wissensforum GmbH is restricted

exclusively to the conference attendance fee.

Data protection:

VDI Wissensforum GmbH captures and processes the address

data of conference participants for their own corporate advertising purposes,

enabling renowned companies and institutes to reach out to participants by way of

information and offers within their own marketing activities. We have outsourced

in part the technical implementation of data processing to external service

providers. If you do not want to receive any information and offers in the future,

you may contradict the use of your personal data by us or any third parties for

advertising purposes. In that case, kindly notify us of your contradiction by using

the email

or any other of the contact options mentioned.

Exhibition / Sponsorship

If you want to meet with and reach out to the first-rate experts attending this

VDI conference and to powerfully present your products and services to the

well-informed community of conference participants, please contact:

Stella Büttner

Project Consultant

Exhibitions & Sponsorship

Phone: +49 211 6214 - 390

Fax: +49 211 6214 - 97 390



You will find more hotels

close to the venue at

Conference by VDI Wissensforum GmbH |

| Phone +49 211 6214-201 | Fax +49 211 6214-154

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