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Contractors World 2010 Volume 1 Issue 10
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Twin compressors on flyover repairs CANADA
Twin compressors on flyover repairs

Water ingress over 30 years has made a significant impact on a freeway bridge in Quebec City, Canada, resulting in total deterioration of the concrete and the breakdown of the rubber expansion joints at both ends of the 150 m long bridge.

City highway authority, Transportes Quebec, awarded local contracting company Inter-Structures the contract to replace the deteriorated concrete and fit new membrane seals.

The bridge, close to the St Lawrence river and Quebec City, links highway 440 West and the Boulevard de Chutes to provide access to a residential area and the renown Montmorency park and waterfall. Inter-Structures started work on the 22 week contract in June 2010.

To ensure access to the damaged seals across the full width of the bridge, the contractor has removed more than 300 mm x 200 mm x 200 mm on each of the nine beams at both ends of the bridge and the 200 mm thick concrete slab; relying on two Atlas Copco ‘HardHat’ XAS 185 air compressors, including a recently delivered unit on rental from Equipment LAV Inc.

With a rental fleet of 25 compressors, Equipment LAV, according to the company’s President, André Allard, will be ordering up to 10 ‘HardHat’ compressors later this year, “to expand and modernize the fleet with 100% ‘HardHat’ units.

“This is a must for me,” he said, adding, “No matter how old or rigorous a rental, once easily cleaned they look like new and are virtually indestructible.”

“I have fully endorsed the range ever since we bought the first unit into Eastern Canada when they were launched,” he enthused.

On the Inter-Structures project, both XAS 185 portable air compressors are supplying a free air delivery of 185 cfm (89 l/s) at 100 psi (bar 7) to each provide compressed air for three breakers.

According to a site spokesman, the Atlas Copco compressors can provide power for up to six breakers but at a reduced delivery.

“We therefore opt to use three breakers with each compressor at the increased air delivery.”

Atlas Copco

A UNIC URW-295 mini crane and fully trained operator were hired out for the lift, which was for Italian restaurant Mamma Mia, based at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Marina.UAE
Pizza delivery with a difference.

GGR Gulf, the UAE branch of lifting specialists the GGR Group, took on a tasty task in Dubai recently with the lift of an 1800 kg pizza oven. A UNIC URW-295 mini crane and fully trained operator were hired out for the lift, which was for Italian restaurant Mamma Mia, based at the Radisson Blu Hotel, Dubai Marina.

The oven weighs 1800 kg, and needed to be lifted over the already-built bar/counter inside the restaurant. Access into the restaurant was only 1300 mm wide, and the floor is partly tiled.

The crane needed to operate right on the limit to complete the lift – boom up to the ceiling, and the outriggers positioned between the bar and a column, to maintain the smallest possible working radius to be able to achieve the required safe working load.

Gary Jones, project manager of GGR Gulf, commented: “This job demonstrates the unbeatable ability of the UNIC URW-295 to get into the tightest of places to carry out successful lifting operations. The GGR Gulf range of mini cranes is absolutely perfect for squeezing into these tight spots whilst being able to lift heavy loads.”

This lift in Dubai comes following the launch of GGR Gulf, a collaboration with Orientals General Trading, providing vacuum lifters, mini cranes, glazing robots and other glass handling products to the Gulf region, earlier this year.

GGR Group




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