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2010 Volume 1 Issue 2
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  World of Concrete 2010 Review

World of Concrete 2010Attendance was down at this year’s World of Concrete, and the weather in Las Vegas reflected the mood of the industry being overcast, gloom and subject to unusually heavy thunder storms.

However, a great many of the exhibitors said that the 55,000 people who did attend came specifically to visit the exhibition instead of using it as an excuse to visit the glamour of the city.

It was also obvious that many of the exhibitors had either reduced stand space area or had cut back on displays but this did not detract from the products in any way. In some respects, it focused on the products instead of promoting the corporate brand image. Quite understandably, the company have reduced budgets given the economic situation. And a lesson has been learnt. Expensive display stands and gimmicks are expensive and do not necessarily add any value. They may attract transient crowds but often to the detriment of the genuine visitor who wants to do business rather than be entertained.

Walking around, the exhibition did not seem to have the ‘buzz’ of such events and although there were some interesting new product introductions, nothing like in the past. Despite everything, the majority of companies Contractors World spoke to were philosophical about the economic situation but reasonably optimistic that there would be a slow recovery and that the worst is over. For the American companies, they are all eagerly waiting the passing and rapid implementation of the highways bill. This involves billions of dollars to rebuild thousands of kilometres of interstate highways and related structures such as bridges, many of which are in very poor condition.

Hidden away, Contractors World managed to find some unexpected introductions – many of which will be of interested to contractors around the world.

New Opportunities for Formwork Systems - Doka USA

Doka USA at World of ConcreteWithin North America, many contractors have yet to be convinced of the many benefits of formwork system. They have yet to appreciate the saving in time, increase in productivity, less material wastage, improved finished quality, fewer workers and lower overall costs that formwork systems deliver. Although there is an abundance of formwork systems available contractors still make extensive use of timber formwork, with carpenters making shuttering to fit.

“The deep recession is forcing contractors to implement changes in traditional practices.”
Mike Schaeffer, National Sales Manager, Doka USA Ltd






However, according the Mike Schaeffer, National Sales Manager for Doka USA Limited, in presenting the latest Doka products said, “The deep recession is forcing contractors to implement changes in traditional practices to the benefit of formwork system manufacturers because the saving in bottom-line costs are significant.

However,” he cautiously emphasized, “there is a lot of education still to be done to get contractors more aware of how formwork systems work and how to calculate for maximum efficiency at minimum cost.”

He also said “There are serious challenges facing formwork suppliers, with some facing bankruptcy. Doka has recognise these challenges and adapted policies to cope.

The emphasis is now on the commercial market, especially the very large power plant projects. Nuclear power plant opportunities are coming and Doka is responding by making available products required by customers for this type of construction.”

As an example of the type of products Doka is introducing to North America, the company used World of Concrete to launch Staxo 100 - load-bearing scaffold tower for commercial or heavy civil construction which has already been proven in other parts of the world.

This galvanized steel frame shoring system uses only a small number of system components and requires no special tools. The tower units are quick and easy to assemble and can be erected in a variety of ways to structural dimension requirements. A key feature is the extremely high leg-load capacity of up to 90 kips per leg.

Michael Schaeffer said ““OSHA compliant safety and access features are built right into the system, removing the concerns of add-on components or separate tool requirements. Maximum jobsite versatility can be achieved based on the system’s capability to be either handset or ganged.”

The product has already proven itself on two major projects in the USA. One is West County Energy Center, a new 2,400-MW, natural gas fired power plant in Palm Beach County, Florida, where, according to Nicholas Zaraza, a Doka civil engineer for the project, the crew was able to assemble the Staxo 100 towers faster than the crane operator was able to set them. In total, approximately 6,680 m³ of shoring was used to support a table area of 743 m². Altogether, the site required approximately 3,252 m² of formwork

The second project in North America that has utilized Staxo 100 is a new chapel for St. Joseph’s Seminary in Edmonton, Alberta. The project presented many architectural challenges including a curved wall, 6 m windows and recesses on the two straight walls, textured-concrete rustication strips, and a 2 m header beam over the entrance doors. The header beam, spanning more than 11 m at 9 m from the ground, was poured monolithically with the 11 m west walls. Doka’s Staxo 100 was used to support the 9 m wall panels.

Company Address Web: Doka America


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