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2010 Volume 1 Issue 3
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Alcoa chose Metso for the reliability and effectiveness of its solutions

Alcoa chose Metso for the reliability and effectiveness of its solutions
already present in bauxite mining operations.

Alcoa launches a new mine in Juruti with Metso equipment

Alcoa's bauxite mine in Juruti, located on the banks of the River Amazon, in western Pará, Brazil which opened in September 2009 has bauxite reserves estimated at 280 million of tonnes. The initial production of the mine is calculated at 2.6 million tonne/year. Operating with such significant quantities of ore requires specialized engineering to the conveying systems, processing and loading.

After evaluation, Alcoa invested in Metso's car dumpers, apron feeders, stackers, reclaimer, belt conveyor systems, ship loader and vibrating screens. The equipment is installed throughout the complex formed by the mine, processing plant, railroad and port.

The package of included equipment, commissioning, erection supervision; start up, assistance of the operation and training for the Alcoa operators from Metso.

Metso's Sales Manager, Silvino Marcos Garcia, says: "Due to the difficulties arising from the project location, Alcoa required a supplier that had a strong presence in Brazil, not only with respect to quality and reliability of its products and services but also the ability to provide technical assistance and parts supply to meet the challenging conditions in Juruti".

Considering the need for advanced management, planning accuracy and logistic capabilities, Alcoa also preferred having only one supplier that was able to offer a complete package, instead of working with several different companies. Having multiple supplier could have hampered the management of the project and would also require greater resources for the coordination of technical interfaces.

The bucket wheel reclaimer supplied to Alcoa is one of the most technologically advanced pieces of equipment ensuring the reliable and efficient shipment of the bauxite. This equipment benefits from automated operation, allowing precise movement forwards and backwards and boom slewing to reclaim bauxite from the stock pile in various benches. This versatility increased the rated capacity of the project.

Another important piece of equipment is the ship loader which has the ability to travel along the quay and, by means of boom slewing and extension, reach all the holds of vessels. The ability to easily move the loader provides for fast and efficient loading of vessels in the shortest possible time.

The rapid turnaround of ships reduces costs and additional payments of demurrage by Alcoa.

A demand from Alcoa was that the equipment had to ensure operational reliability, high availability and good durability. Metso were able to assure Alcoa that the equipment would, to a large extent, work automatically following a detailed commissioning program, which enables greater operational efficiency and safety with fewer operators.




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