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2010 Volume 1 Issue 3
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[Manufacturers Evaluate Technology for Improving Efficiency . . . Merlo . . . .cont]



Obviously in many of Merlo products there is a significant potential to recover energy from releasing pressure on hydraulic cylinders and braking.

Couple this ability with the advances already achieved with the EcoPowerDrive system and we may see the way in which Merlo is thinking.

As battery technology improves this is another area from which more of Merlo’s smaller products will benefit. It is already used on smaller Cingo access platforms. Obviously one to look out for in the future.

Latest innovations on show at Bauma 2010

Among the products that Contractors World knows about are the MPR15 and MPR18 - a revolutionary concept in access platforms. Merlo will be showing and explaining in more detail its latest innovations at Bauma 2010. Such is the amount of new equipment, that the company has is taking more space at a time when others are reducing theirs.

Among the products that Contractors World knows about are the MPR15 and MPR18 - a revolutionary concept in access platforms.

The MPR concept offers the combined benefits of a large area access platform associated with scissor lifts with the mobility and versatility of a truck mounted access platform.

The 4 m x 2 m platform hydraulically rotates through 180º in both directions through its vertical axis and features power supply outlets and a hose through which air or water can flow.

The ability to travel at 40 km/h and reach heights of up to 18 m makes the MPRs suitable for street light and gantry, bridge, tunnel and other applications where ease of transport and generous working envelope are required.

The Panoramic telehandlers, which are proving so successful in Canada, will also be on show including the new P25.6 and the P50.18.

There is also the new Roto 60.24 MCSS with the unique Merlo rotary coupling system allowing the turret to rotate continuously.
Some other new introductions are firmly under wraps until April 19th, 2010 when Mr. Merlo will show his company’s ability to lead in technological innovations.

Merlo SpA


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