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2010 Volume 1 Issue 3
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Roger Lindley takes a look at some of the technology and innovations coming through at Bauma 2010



Our associate publication - CP&E - Contractors Plant & Equipment - is featuring in-depth previews of plant and equipment to be seen at Bauma 2010 in current issues.

Roger Lindley takes a look at some of the technology and innovations coming through at Bauma 2010 that will either have an immediate impact on the way things are done or on how they will be done in the future once the technology is integrated in to machines.



Sandvik to show innovations made possible by group synergies

One of the biggest areas to benefit from technology in recent years has been the mining and quarrying sectors where even the smallest step in reducing material handling costs can, over the course of a year or more, lead to significant savings. In some instance, it is the difference between a viable and nonviable operation.

It is a pity to see so many long established brands now lost to greater corporate brand stamping without, it would seem, concern for brand-customer loyalty and market perception. Names such as Tamrock, Rammer, Extec and Toro, for instance were world-famous brands, once recognised for pioneering engineering and innovations in tough applications. Today, these famous names are now integrated into the massive Sandvik brand and have, unfortunately, virtually disappeared.

However, mergers and acquisitions have brought many benefits. Sandvik today can focus of system solutions rather than individual products or applications. By providing a range of systems that can be mixed and matched to provide optimum solution to specific quarrying and mining activities, they have enabled managers to significantly reduce operational costs. And any mine or quarry manager will tell you that the better the system integration the more productive is the processing.

Some products are difficult to improve upon, a jaw crusher is a jaw crusher which ever way you look at it. However, there is technology that can be applied to more efficient operation, more durable components and easier replacement of wear parts. Sandvik will unveil several interesting xamples of applied technology at Bauma 2010.

The first of a new range of mobile tracked crushers, QI240 tracked impact crusher, for instance. Designed specifically for the construction, aggregates, demolition and recycling industries, it is the result of over two years research and developments benefiting from Sandvik’s recently acquired mobile crusher expertise and the group’s materials technology and manufacturing capabilities.

There is little information available on this other than that it is a single unit designed for mobility, productivity, transportability, minimal environmental impact and ease of use. The QI240 uses Sandvik impactor technology and based on the chassis of the well-proven QJ240 tracked jaw crusher.

The new Sandvik LHD - Electric Power Technology

Underground mines will be wanting to take a closer look at the latest in the LHD range from Sandvik which many diehards still refer to as Toros.    At Bauma, the group will show the new electric-powered 14 tonne electric LHD that brings together higher productivity, lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact with all the strengths of diesel machines.

At Bauma, the group will show the new electric-powered 14 tonne electric LHD that brings together higher productivity, lower operating costs and reduced environmental impact with all the strengths of diesel machineThe LH514 electric-powered LHD incorporates key features of the recently launched diesel machines, such as upgraded cabin design and Vehicle Control and Management system (VCM).

The electronic control system incorporates a an advanced user interface with improved diagnostics and a platform for Sandvik’s Automine technology, plus an upgraded electric system that are designed to for optimum interface with the electronic control system.

The latest LHDs have upgraded electric and hydraulic systems and improved tramming capacity deliver excellent productivity, reliability and performance.

Four hundred 400 meters of cable allows then work in applications where the hauling distance is short and operations are repetitive.

Higher productivity is achieved because of the electric motor’s peak torque, resulting in faster bucket filling and better acceleration.

The electric model features 14,000 kg of tramming capacity, buckets ranging from 4.6 m³ to 7.0 m³, three-phase, squirrel-cage 45 kW pump and 132 kW drive motors with Dana 5000 series gearbox and Posi Stop axles.



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