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2010 Volume 1 Issue 3
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[Sandvik to show innovations made possible by group synergies . . .cont]

The new range of Compact breakers from Sandvik are cleverly designed to minimise number of moving components.Compact breaking power receives global launch

Breakers have been progressively enhanced over the years and today generally offer faster breaking with low vibrations to the operator and reduce noise levels.

Sandvik will launch a new range of Compact breakers at Bauma what it is describing as ‘a revolutionary range of breakers combining simplicity and cost effectiveness, with a class leading power to weight ratio, optimized for production in demolition and recycling applications’.

The new range, available in three sizes designed to match carriers in the 0.8 to 4.0 tonne range, benefits from a sturdy and a compact shape to suit applications in confined spaces, while constant blow energy maximizes the impact energy regardless of oil flow.

The new range of Compact breakers from Sandvik are cleverly designed to minimise number of moving components. They have obviously retained Rammer’s original engineering innovation

Capable of accepting a wide range of oil flows, excellent back pressure acceptance and flange top mounting, the new models can be used on a wide range mini-excavators, skid-steer loaders, and other compact carriers.

With just two moving parts, maintenance is minimized which means lower owning and operating costs. They require no periodical gas recharging, and can be resealed in just 45 minutes, while the integrated single lower tool bushing can be replaced in just 10 minutes for both faster servicing.

More technology breakthrough from Sandvik

It will be interesting to see if Sandvik makes any further announcement on their use of hybrid technology which they first announced last November for double roll crushers.

Sandvik has used hybrid technology to store excess energy in roll crushers for when it it required.The Sandvik CR800 series of hybrids combine the advantages of a classic double roll crusher with sophisticated sizer technology.

Their compact design means minimum space requirement but a high capacity (up to 12,000 mtph (13,228 stph)) make them efficient crushers of limestone, overburden, coal and ores in primary and secondary crushing stages.

Sandvik has used hybrid technology to store excess energy in roll crushers for when it it required. Is this an indication of the way the company is moving?

What makes the CR800 different is that they are equipped with flywheels that store excess energy which is then available to compensate for energy peaks during operation. This allows use of a smaller drive motor with resulting energy efficiency.

If this technology can be used in this type of crusher, there are obvious opportunities in other crushing and screening applications.
Sandvik Mining & Construction

Sandvik Mining & Construction

Bucyrus + Terex = ?

Little has been said by Bucyrus since their acquisition of Terex Mining business other than to say that it is natural additional to their existing product range and enables them to be a much bigger player in the mining and quarrying industries.

Prior to the acquisition, the company indicated what it was planning for Bauma 2010, with many examples of technology at work for the mining industry. Not surprisingly, the company will use scale models for its display including a 1:50 scale replica of the latest rotary blasthole drill for hole sizes between 251 and 405 mm. There will also be a 1:50 scale 8750 D3 walking dragline - a monster of a machine with bucket capacities in excess of 168 m³.

The electric shovel range is benefiting from ‘revolutionary HydraCrowd technology’ that uses a crowd/retract cylinder to move the electric shovel handle into and out of the bank automatically thereby eliminating the need for crowd and retract ropes. Other advances reduce major scheduled service times to every 2 years.

However, the big question is - what will the company show anything from the former Terex mining equipment line up or will they be able to tell more of what their plans for the future are.



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