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Contractors World 2010 Volume 1 Issue 5
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[UAE - Haulotte excels at Dubai University . . . cont]


A Haulotte H25TPX provided the reach, the stability, the payload and the manoeuvrability for various exterior wall finishing applicationsEvery structure had its own access requirement

Similarly with the gymnasium where a spacious, stable access platform was required to install roofing elements. The perfect solution was the mid-range Haulotte H15SX scissor lift with the same platform dimensions and load capacity of 500 kg as the larger mode, but with a lower maximum working height of 15 m – more than sufficient for the structural height.

A Haulotte H25TPX provided the reach, the stability, the payload and the manoeuvrability for various exterior wall finishing applications.

The long reach of the Haulotte HA260PX access platforms, 16.2 m and maximum working height of 25.6 m were key considerations for installing electrical installations and in finishing the exterior surfaces. They were used extensively on the lecture and laboratory buildings.
Maximum performance was required from the Haulotte H25TPX units used in fixing windows, installing seals and other finishing work on the highest building on the site – the accommodation units. The H25TPX has a maximum working height of 25.3 m, a maximum outreach of 17.4 m and payload capacity of 230 kg.

Mr Giovanni Gulli, project director for Oger said “Access work platforms (AWPs) are critical to the works. They are used for all finishing works on the exterior walls. The reach they provide allows finishing work to be done while excavation works are still proceeding at ground level.
A Haulotte HA260PX access platforms - one a many working on a new University project in Dubai, UAE.Although we are using some scaffolding, AWPs are more flexible, provide better access, save time and are easy to move from one location to another. Safety is also important to us and we have a dedicated safety team. AWPs are proving to be extremely safe provided the operators are given the appropriate training.”

Rental company provides service support

United Equipment Rentals has successfully positioned Haulotte access work platforms on many projects throughout Dubai including the metro line, the new international airport and on many of the major structures in progress.

A Haulotte HA260PX access platforms - one a many working on a new University project in Dubai, UAE.

Despite the difficult time facing the construction industry worldwide, United Equipment Rentals continues to build on its reputation with the support of the Haulotte Group and today has a fleet of over 400 units.




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