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Contractors World 2010 Volume 1 Issue 6
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Bauma 2010 - Contractors World

Contractors World Bauma Review
- A Show of Optimism - Part III


Continuing our review of Bauma 2010, this month we take a look at what was new from some more other major suppliers such as Komatsu as well as profiling some of the more interesting items from the smaller, albeit, still important suppliers of innovative solutions.

cwmags blogIt is not possible to cover everything that is new but we will be putting more items Bauma onto our Contractors World blog. Join in the exchange.


Komatsu is a company that never fails to surprise at major exhibitions and Bauma 2010 was no exception. The centre piece and, understandably, getting a lot of attention was the new PC-200-8 Hybrid excavator - the first large production hybrid machine available. Although on show at Bauma, this has been progressively introduced around the world and Contractors World featured it earlier this year (read it here).

Bauma 2010 saw the launch of Komatsu’s smallest wheeled excavator - the PW148-8 with an operating weight of 13.2 to 15.8 t.New wheeled excavator attracts attention

Bauma 2010 saw the launch of Komatsu’s smallest wheeled excavator - the PW148-8 with an operating weight of 13.2 to 15.8 t. (depending on configuration) and a maximum bucket capacity of 0.86 m³. The range now comprises 5 models.
This new compact, short tail machine is ideal for job sites with limited space, in urbanized areas or on narrow roads with heavy traffic - the tail swing radius is just 1.850 mm. For versatility an auxiliary hydraulic line is fitted as standard to allow for use of a variety of attachments. A second line is also available as an option.

Operators of wheeled excavators need a dual purpose cab - apart from the normal attributes associated with excavators, operators of wheeled excavators can be required to drive long distances between jobs both in both on and off-highway roads. A safe, comfortable driving position is therefore preferred.

he cab and seating arrangement offers good visibility to all critical areas, with the controls conveniently positioned.      As the illustration shows, whether driving or operating, the cab and seating arrangement offers good visibility to all critical areas, with the controls conveniently positioned.

The air-suspension, heated seat is adjustable to suit the particular operator and working requirement.

There is ample storage space for personal items and the climate control ensure a comfortable environment in all weather conditions. The sound levels within the cab are typically 70 dB(A).

The driveline has been completely redesigned to enable faster travel, up to 35 km/h, and uphill driving speeds. For added convenience, cruise control and a driveline-power-up function are also standard equipment.

There are various configurations to meet customer requirements. Maximum breakout force is 93 kN, forward digging reach is 9,000 mm, maximum digging depth is 5,745 mm and lifting capacity 5,500 kg alongside undercarriage at 6 m reach and 1.5 m height.

Serviceability, controls, display panels and KOMTRAX are typical of all the latest Komatsu models.



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