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Contractors World 2010 Volume 1 Issue 6
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Bauma 2010 - Contractors World

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Komatsu cont . . .

Komatsu PC290LC-8 High-Reach demolition excavator and the PC350LC-8 Long Reach.Tracked excavators see new high-reach demolition and long-reach models.

Among the many products on display was the PC290LC-8 High-Reach demolition excavator and the PC350LC-8 Long Reach.

With all the features of the Dash 8 series excavator, this new high reach demolition machine range gives a maximum height of 18.3 m and a tool carrying capability of 3000 kg. The special two-piece boom arrangement allows for easy reconfiguration from demolition to digging with the option to have a 2.6 m or 3.2 m arm.

Power is via a Komatsu SAA6D107E-1 common rail direct injection, water-cooled, turbocharged, aftercooled diesel rated at 149 kW/2,050 rpm. Fitted as standard are two additional attachment circuits, controlled by sliding proportional joystick buttons which include attachment rotate motor drain lines. The demolition model also features demolition specification undercovers, side guards and an attachment cylinder guard fitted as standard to ensure maximum protection against damage from falling debris.

The FOPS guard system includes a side hinged front guard, allowing the operator easy access for periodic windscreen cleaning. The machine is fitted with a laminated front windscreen increasing the already high standard of operator protection from falling objects. As standard, the cab is fitted with a roof wiper and can tilt from 0-30º to allow the operator a comfortable and easy view of the work tool.

Komatsu the 42 t, 1.1 m³ maximum bucket capacity PC350LC-8 Long Reach tracked excavator    Also new in the excavator line-up was the 42 t, 1.1 m³ maximum bucket capacity PC350LC-8 Long Reach tracked excavator. With a 17 m excavation boom and arm are purposely designed to work with the most productive bucket size, it has the versatility to work in relativity light duty work on waterway maintenance as well as in heavy-duty production work in sand and gravel extraction, as well as slope stabilization, dredging and road construction applications.

Apart from the configuration, the PC350LC-8 Long Reach has all the features and benefits offered across the range including a well designed operator cab, controls and operating environment and an advanced engine, transmission and hydraulic system matched to deliver high productivity with the fuel saving that has become associated with latest electronic control engines.

Basic specification for this new excavator are engine output rated at 194 kw/1,950 rpm; maximum dig depth 18 m, maximum dump height 11.48 m, forward reach, at ground level, 16.88 m and maximum load at boom end (including bucket) 2,645 kg. With 0.93 m³ general purpose bucket, the boom configuration can handle material density of 1.8 t/m³.



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