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Contractors World 2010 Volume 1 Issue 6
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the VAST System (Value Added Simulation Training) for Bucyrus electric mining shovels

Bucyrus Exhibits Latest Technology

At the biennial Queensland Mining & Engineering Exhibition held in Mackay, Queensland, Australia – from July 27 – 29, 2010 – Bucyrus put emphasis on technology with its latest developments for underground and surface mining operations, as well as promoting the range it acquired from Terex.

In February this year, Bucyrus finalized a deal with Terex Corporation for the acquisition of its mining equipment activities, including hydraulic mining excavators, off-highway mining trucks, rotary and hydraulic track drills, jumbo drills, and a highwall mining system. With these additional products, Bucyrus is today the world’s premiere supplier of mining equipment. The company employs over 10,000 people serving its international customers through over 100 locations worldwide.

Miner’s Digital Assistant (MDA)

Sophisticated new wireless and fibre-optic communication technologies with high baud rates requires new types of test and measurement equipment. Bucyrus has developed the Miner’s Digital Assistant (MDA) to meet this need.

Designed for network and maintenance tasks underground and in explosion-hazard areas, the MDA is intrinsically safe. A serial port allows direct connection to embedded controls such as Programmable Mining Controllers (PMCs), while a diagnostic port allows monitoring of communications and signal quality, and display of clients logged into the network. Furthermore with the MDA information is on the fingertips. It can store service documents, lists, product manuals and other information (or access these via network from underground). Maintenance checklists and a barcode scanner for longwall moves are also available.

Also new was the VAST System (Value Added Simulation Training) for Bucyrus electric mining shovels (sample screens illustrated at top of page). This is designed as a low-cost solution only requiring VAST software, an updated Windows-based PC, a monitor, and two joysticks.

Developed to cut training costs and increase productivity, Bucyrus say that, in the field, operators who have undergone VAST training consistently outperform operators who have not.

Bucyrus product models on display in 1:50

A 1:50 scale model of a Bucyrus 495HR electric rope shovel was displayedA 1:50 scale model of a Bucyrus 495HR electric rope shovel was displayed – recently Bucyrus sold the first unit to Westfarmers Curragh. This machine will be fitted with the revolutionary Bucyrus HydraCrowd, with a hydraulic cylinder replacing rack-and-pinion or rope crowd. HydraCrowd provides highly responsive control and smooth, vibration-free operation, cutting downtime and increasing productivity.

HydraCrowd can be retrofit to existing Bucyrus 495HR shovels, but comes standard on the new Bucyrus 495HR²/HF². Featuring numerous Bucyrus innovations, like increased propel power and an ‘inventive operator’s cab’, Bucyrus believe the 495HR²/HF² to be the most advanced electric rope shovel ever produced.

Draglines are the largest single-bucket excavators built today, and Bucyrus has led the world in the design, manufacture, relocation, and refurbishment of these machines for almost 100 years. On display, a 1:50 scale model of the Bucyrus 8750 dragline featuring AC gearless technology. The AC technology used – supported by Siemens – provides reduced downtime, maintenance costs, and energy consumption, as well as increased productivity. The 8750 boasts a 109 m boom, weights over 7,000 t and has a 109 m³ bucket.

Mining trucks were represented by a 1:50 scale model Bucyrus MT4400. Bucyrus manufactures mining trucks with payload capacities ranging from 136 to 362 t - the most comprehensive AC drive truck series in the mining industry.




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