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Contractors World 2010 Volume 1 Issue 9
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The SV100-1 is able to lift 4.7 t at 3 m over front and 3 t over side, which enables the use of bigger capacity tools, increased productivity and overall improved efficiencies.New Midi-Excavator from Yanmar

Yanmar has introduced the new SV100-1 midi-excavator to replace the SV100. The new model has been redesigned to take into account the users’ comments as well as technological evolutions, particularly in the area of environment and energy savings. The industry had the first opportunity to see this at GaLaBau, in Germany.

The machine’s operating weight is increased by nearly 400 kg to 9,625 kg in order to improve significantly lifting capacity and stability.

The SV100-1 is able to lift 4.7 t at 3 m over front and 3 t over side, which enables the use of bigger capacity tools, increased productivity and overall improved efficiencies.

The SV100-1 is fitted with a new engine that complies with the EPA STAGE III standards. It includes an EGR system as well as “Auto-Idle” and “Eco” functions,. When activated, the Auto-Idle function will automatically reduce the engine speed to the minimum after 4 seconds without action on the levers, and restore it as soon as the levers are moved again.

The Eco mode can be activated simultaneously and induces a reduction of the engine speed while maintaining the same torque to work in optimal conditions.


Technical data SV100-1  
Operating weight (rubber crawlers) 9625 kg
Engine Yanmar 4TNV98T-ZSBV-1
Width 2320 mm
Bucket digging force 6980 kgf
Arm digging force 4760 kgf
Max. digging depth 4290 mm
Max. dumping height 5150 mm

The combination of the Yanmar 4TNV98T-ZSBV-1, a new engine, and Yanmar’s VIPPS hydraulic system gives lower fuel consumption with increased performance. Energy savings are estimated at 20% per excavated cubic meter in the classic mode (0.125 l/m³) and 26% in the Eco mode (0.115 l/m³) compared with the former model. Performance is improved since the machine can excavate 68.7m³/h in the classic mode and 64.8 m³/h in the Eco mode, which represent 7 to 14% more digging volume compared to the previous version.

For more convenience, an automatic gear shift device can be switched on in order to adjust automatically the machine speed according to the required power output.

The hydraulics have been upgraded. A new motor has a swing torque which is 11% higher allowing a quicker, smoother and more secure use even when working on steep slopes. The 3rd circuit is proportional as standard and its extension can be supplied as an option. The optional 4th circuit is proportional as well. Safety valves kits are also available as an option and are fully compliant with the latest amended European standards (EN 474-5 – CEN/TC 151/WG1).

As with all manufacturers, Yanmar is ever more conscious of the need for optimizing operator comfort and safety. The SV100-1 has a cab that is considerably larger. Operators have 40% more space inside the cabin; the internal width has been increased by 170 mm, and the foot space has been increased by 30%.

The travelling levers are equipped with large ergonomic pedals. The pneumatic suspension seat can be adjusted either alone or together with the operating levers. In addition, the noise level is significantly reduced – from 78 dB(A) to 74 dB(A) – and the air-conditioning enables a temperature reduction of 7° C below that of the previous model.

New European Company

In September 2010, Yanmar Construction Equipment Co., Ltd., located in Fukuoka, Japan, purchased all shares of Ammann Yanmar S.A.S. from Ammann Group Holding AG. Up until that time, Ammann Yanmar was a joint venture company specializing in production and sales of compact construction equipment. The name and status of the company is now Yanmar Construction Equipment Europe S.A.S.

Under the new company, construction equipment will be marketed under the Yanmar brand and abandon the dual brand. The strategic development of both companies made the timing right for Yanmar to take full operation and transform the company into a fully owned subsidiary.

The volume of compact construction equipment sold in Europe under the Ammann Yanmar brand represented approximately 30% of the entire volume of compact construction equipment units manufactured and sold by the Yanmar Construction Equipment - making Europe a major market.

The joint-venture was established in 1989 as a France-based company with each having an equal investment ratio of 50%. Ever since its establishment, the company manufactured and sold in Europe compact construction equipment under the Ammann Yanmar brand.

Yanmar Construction Equipment Europe S.A.S




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