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Contractors World 2010 Volume 1 Issue 9
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World of Plant & Equipment

Additional compact wheeled planer from Dynapac.

The new Dynapac PL1000T compact wheel planer is powered by a Deutz TCD2012L06 delivering 150 kW @ 2,200 rpm which represents a 20% more horsepower at a maximum milling depth of 300 mm to enhance the milling performance in deep cutting jobs or hard and abrasive material. The combination of higher power, a small turning radius and a quick detachable rear discharge conveyor make the compact planer ideal for demanding jobs in cities or confined areas.

The new Dynapac PL1000T compact wheel planer is powered by a Deutz TCD2012L06 delivering 150 kW @ 2,200 rpm

The patented, unique one-side drum drive, bearing reduces time for a drum change from standard to a fine milling drum since only one drum connection must be changed. For the new compact planers, which have an operating weight of about 13 t, Dynapac uses the proven operating concept from the cold planer range with 500 mm cutting width.

The new planers have a cutting working width of 1,000 mm, cutting depth of 300 mm and cutting diameter of 930 mm. Operating speed 0-30 km/h while maximum travel speed is 6 km/h.

Another patented solution is the parallelogram front axle, which reduces wear at the tyre shoulders while increasing traction and wheel control on a grade.

The patent-pending round down holder at the front side of the cutter housing minimizes the accumulation of milled material and reduces clean-up work on the track.

With the latest introduction, the range of Dynapac compact cold planers comprises five models.


The new WA1200-6 is powered by a highly-efficient Komatsu SAADA16V160E-2 which means output has been increased by 98.43 kW( 132 hp) to 1,3156 kW (1765 hp). New wheel loader for mining applications [North America only]

Komatsu America has introduced the WA1200-6 wheel loader for demanding mining applications.

The new 216.4 t (477,100 lbs) loader has been designed using user feedback as well as latest advance in technology to deliver environmental, technological and ergonomic enhancements for even greater productivity, while lowering operating costs.

The new WA1200-6 is powered by a highly-efficient Komatsu SAADA16V160E-2 which means output has been increased by 98.43 kW( 132 hp) to 1,3156 kW (1765 hp).

The engine meets all EPA Tier 2 emissions requirements. The use of an electronic governor results in low fuel consumption, with quick throttle response to match the machine’s powerful tractive effort and fast hydraulic response. The new dual-mode active working hydraulic system allows the operator to select between normal and powerful loading, while the optimum oil flow in the working system increases efficiency and reduces cycle times. Increased engine output and the optimized hydraulic system provide outstanding production and performance.

For the operator, the engine RPM control system, with auto deceleration, allows the operator to set the engine RPM at the optimum work performance level and control speed smoothly with the accelerator. The variable transmission cut-off system for the left brake pedal is adjustable by a switch at the operator’s seat. When loading, the low setting reduces brake impact to prevent spillage, while the high setting can be used for travelling.

An additional torque converter cooler is added as standard equipment to reduce oil temperature and increase cooling capacity. A new pump with increased oil capacity ensures efficient hydraulic cooling and the circulation revised to lower oil temperature. Air cleaning has been improved with larger elements and two additional air cleaners for added capacity.

Details specifications have yet to be released but Contractors World understands that it will feature a 20 m³ bucket with breakout forces similar to the existing model. The new model will probably be produced at Komatsu's facilities in Japan which is used for all the company's large mining machines.

At this time Komatsu has not made any announcements on where in the world the new model will be available or when, except that it is expected to be available to the North American market in 2011.

Komatsu America




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