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Contractors World 2010 Volume 1 Issue 9
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Bauma China 2010 Bauma China 2010



Bauma China 2010
- more than ‘just another’ exhibitio

A comment by Roger Lindley

It is very easy to get cynical about exhibitions - after all, there are so many ranging from vast international exposiums such as Bauma in Germany to specialised industry sectors, localised event or by country.

Bauma China is rapidly approaching and so is the Big 5 in Dubai and countless other events around the world. After 30 years in the industry, I have seen exhibitions large and small and still cannot find what it is that make an event successful. One year an exhibition is a big success with record attendance. Repeat the formula 12 months later and the aisles are empty. Why?

I am of the opinion that the world is moving in the right direction in regard to major international exhibitions. Earlier this year we had Bauma in Germany - the biggest, most successful show of its type, held every third year and popular throughout Europe (and the rest of the world). Next year is ConExpo a hugely important event for the Americas and also a draw for international visitors. November 2010 sees Bauma China which is of major importance to the Asian countries. These three events, effectively share the world - geographically, if not by visitor numbers.

Why should people go to Bauma China? For exhibitors it is a probably the most important opportunity to showcase products and capabilities to the still growing Chinese domestic market.

Although doing business in China is not always easy - buying or selling, for those prepared to meet the challenges, the rewards can be significant. The fact that the show is a sell-out, even after the organisers made more space available shows that manufacturers recognise the importance of this part of the world.

For those in the construction, mining, quarrying and related industries, Bauma China is also an opportunity to see, compare and identify new products that could contribute to higher efficiency and productivity at lower cost. Lower costs are very much a driving force in today’s embattled economic situation. However, for those visiting from outside of China, there will be a lot of machinery which, although acceptable in Chinese construction, mine and quarry sites, they do not meet regulations for safety, emissions, etc. required by many countries.

This is not a criticism of Chinese manufacturers, for all companies produce to market demands and, as companies such as Sany, LiuGong and many others are showing, with sufficient interest from overseas, they are prepared to make the necessary modifications to ensure that machines exported meet EC or other country regulations.

Major events such as mentioned above are important for all in the industry, but cities where such events are held charge exorbitant rates for hotels, etc. which many in the industry cannot afford. Regional exhibitions have their place

Major events such as mentioned above are important for all in the industry, but cities where such events are held charge exorbitant rates for hotels, etc. which many in the industry cannot afford.

Smaller, events such as SMOPYC (Spain) , Intermat (France), SAMOTER (Italy) and similar are highly successful from a continent /country perspective - easier to get to, lower overall costs and still showcasing products more clearly defined for their region. Events such as the World of Concrete (USA) are ideal for those in specific industry sectors. Minexpo is another such example.

Contractors World encourages all in the industry to visit as many shows as they can because each has something different to offer and have different exhibitors. When visiting trade events do not focus on the big stands of the larger companies. Take time to look at some of the smaller exhibits. Bigger does not always mean better and there are many interesting products and service to be found in the myriad of 3 m x 3 m booths that are part of every trade show.

And, if nothing else, you will amass a collection of pens, note-pads, bottle-openers and other giveaways to keep your stationery cupboard stocked until the next event.

Send us your photographs and who knows, you may feature in an exhibition review (send to




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