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Contractors World 2011 Volume 2 Issue 1
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The Liebherr EP 934 C is driven by an electric motor with a capacity of 160 kW, and achieves a working outreach of 20 m.Liebherr extends options for electrical handling equipment

The electrically operated EP 934 C pontoon handling unit from Liebherr is now also available on a self-supporting steel undercarriage with four-point support. This creates an additional undercarriage concept, which is available as an alternative to the variant previously available with crawler undercarriage and on columns.

The Liebherr EP 934 C is driven by an electric motor with a capacity of 160 kW, and achieves a working outreach of 20 m. In comparison with a fixed installation on a column, the new steel undercarriage with four-point support provides greater flexibility in the organization of the area of operations.

The steel undercarriage does not need any elaborate or expensive construction procedures at the place of operation nor is a foundation, concrete or steel column needed. The square layout of the steel undercarriage, with dimensions of 6 x 6 m, ensures that the same load capacities are guaranteed in the longitudinal and transverse direction of the unit as with the traditional stationary concept.

The undercarriage is supported on four outriggers, which provide it with a high degree of stability even when it comes to really demanding handling tasks. The contact surface of the outriggers can be adjusted to the ground pressure depending on the individual requirements.

In the event of the operational location being reorganised, the superstructure and the steel undercarriage can be transferred to another location, using a mobile crane, with no problem at all. This may be necessary, for example, if the unit is being used in conjunction with mobile presses or shredders.

In order to achieve a high degree of reliability, the design was created by applying the finite-element method and making use of high-strength steels, which in turn means that the unit can deal easily with the high mechanical demands imposed on it.

The modular format of the free-standing substructure allows for the adjustment of the vision height of the operator to suit the circumstances of the operational location. Wide walkways ensure that any necessary maintenance work can be carried out easily and conveniently with safety, with access to the middle platform especially well-secured, so ensuring that no-one is present on the middle walkway when the unit is in operation.

The first EP 934 C was delivered in 2010 to France’s largest waste incineration and recycling company, Veolia Propreté, and is hard at work in Montauban, France. A unit of the same design was delivered to Bourges, by way of an order from the same client.

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Australia’s first Cat on-highway truck is now at work on the highways of TasmanianAustralia - First Cat truck takes to the road

Australia’s first Cat on-highway truck is now at work on the highways of Tasmania just weeks after the new brand was launched in Australia. Delivered by Victorian and Tasmanian Cat truck dealer, William Adams, the Cat CT630 is freighting drinks in b-double configuration for Hobart based transporter, SRT Logistics.

The chassis is specifically designed for Australian road conditions with stronger cross members and heavier duty frame rails together with high capacity axles and suspension. Complementing the Cat ACERT engine, the driveline features proven road transport components including a Meritor front axle, Arvin Meritor RT-46-160 rear axle and Hendrickson HAS-461 rear road friendly suspension.

Driver fatigue is reduced with an Eaton Fuller ‘easy pedal’ ceramic clutch linked to a Fuller transmission and complemented by a roomier, functional ergonomic interior for comfort and usability.

The new conventional prime movers are available in day cab and extended cab options. With the CT630 in day cab configuration measuring just 3.1 m from bumper to back of cab.

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