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Terex rigid dump trucks prove ideal for limestone hauling

The Hohenems Quarry is one of the most signifcant sources of raw materials in the lower Rhine valley, supplying the region with stone and aggregate for asphalt and concrete production. The quarry is operated by Rhomberg Group, a large construction company head-quartered in Vorarlberg.

Among their fleet of machines are two Terex TR45 rigid-frame dump trucks. The trucks are powered by a 6-cylinder turbo diesel engine with a gross output

of 392 kilowats (525 HP) at 2000 rpm. The vehicles carry a maximum payload of 41 tonnes with a body capacity of 26 m³.

Rhomberg Group’s decision to purchase Terex machines was the result of a thorough assessment of product quality as well as performance and cost-efectveness. Fuel efciency is a core concern for all businesses and the team at Rhomberg Group is convinced that the dump trucks are exactly what they need for heavy-duty quarrying.

Over 100,000 m³ of limestone and chalk are excavated from the quarry annually. After blasting, the limestone is sorted by size and transported by the rigid dumpers to an onsite locaton before being sent on to a depot.

The chalk is loaded directly into a crushing plant by the dumpers where the material is processed for use as road gravel or chippings for asphalt surfaces.

Safety is a priority in quarry work, as the vehicles carry heavy loads and must ofen contend with slippery surface conditons. Good tracton is delivered by the Terex TR45 because of its double reducton drive axle. In these vehicles, dual retardaton (transmission retarder or oil-cooled disc brakes) ofers the opton of using the hydrodynamic retarder. The hydraulically operated rear disc brakes are contnually cooled, with nitrogen / hydraulic accumulators ensuring that the brakes respond without delay.



Heavy breakers for rip-rap and armour stone supplier in Virginia

Chesapeake Materials, of Virginia, is a full-service rock breaking company operating from New Jersey to Florida that specializes in stone for marine applicatons, specifcally the rip-rap and armour stone commonly used to stabilize and protect shorelines, dikes, grades and breakwaters from the force of waves. Yet they have no quarries of their own. They are specialists who contribute their unique skill to partnerships with quarries.

Chesapeake offers a valuable service to quarries. They produce the highest quality products and ensure on-time delivery. Quarries don’t have to tie up their capital in additional equipment as Chesapeake already owns, uses and maintains on a daily basis. This same equipment might only see producton on a part-tme basis if it were owned by a single quarry. And when Chesapeake is done on a project in the quarry, the equipment goes with them to their next job. Chesapeake owns over a dozen hammers. For nearly 10 years all of their hammers have been Atlas Copco.

The company routnely gets 10 years or more of service from a breaker, keeping them well-maintained and repairing them untl they decide it is tme to replace them.

It is common to use an HB 4200 in quarry work, and Chesapeake does have three of them in Georgia. But the nature of Chesapeake’s business in the Virginia and Maryland area down through South Carolina requires greater mobility. “We need hammers that are big enough for the job but also small enough to minimize transport cost in terms of breaking the machine down and permits. The machine might need to move across the street or three states away. On the 330/350

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