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Contractors World 2011 Volume 2 Issue 4
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HAITI . . continued

Rhino Crushers (UK) Ltd., which has secured a contract to supply 24 mini-crushing machines to CHF International . . . .and Red Rhino Mini Crushers supply machines for the Haiti disaster effort.

Another British engineering firm playing a major role in helping to re-build Haiti following the devastating earthquake that destroyed much of the country, is Red Rhino Crushers (UK) Ltd., which has secured a contract to supply 24 mini-crushing machines to CHF International – a US headquartered, non-profit aid organisation helping the country to recover and rebuild.

Although the earthquake occurred more than 12 months ago, it is estimated that over 90% of the rubble remains uncleared. The Red Rhino’s mini crushers are being used to crush bricks and building materials so they can be used to rebuild Haiti’s schools, hospitals and homes.

Julian Mik (General Manager of Red Rhino), said: “With up to 20 million m³ of rubble remaining on the ground in Haiti, there is a lot of work to be done. We estimate that our crushers alone will crush 100,000 m³ of material in six months, which shows the scale of the task at hand.”

Red Rhino was selected by CHF International to supply 20 x 1½ tonne 4000 series crushers, capable of crushing up to 6 tonnes per hour, and 4 x 3 tonne 5000 series crushers, capable of crushing up to 20 tonnes per hour.

     CHF International’s Sinan Al-Najjar, Deputy Chief of Party for the USAID-funded KATA Program, said: “Recycling rubble is an essential solution for the reconstruction of Haiti that CHF International has pursued aggressively since the earthquake.

We can use recycled material in helping to shelter thousands of Haitians and in reconstructing essential infrastructure such as hospitals, schools and public buildings. We are pleased to have found an excellent partner in Red Rhino and look forward to working together to help in the reconstruction of the lives of the people of Haiti.”

CHF’s program, called CRUSH (Creating Rubble Recycling Solutions for Haiti), was launched in Petit-Goave on October 18, 2010 and is intended to eventually expand to several sections of the earthquake-affected area.

The CRUSH program is currently using portable rock crushers supported by a total of 284 workers to process rubble at 9 sites in Petit-Goave. Representatives from manufacturers of the portable Red Rhino crushers went to Haiti in mid-October to train CHF local staff in how to use and maintain the machines.

CRUSH is unique in that it is the only large-scale program in Haiti that is actively converting rubble into material that can be used on-site to improve communities affected by the earthquake.

Among other uses, CHF has been using sand and gravel to construct cement platforms for its shelter program. Additionally, CHF is accumulating gravel for use in critical road projects identified in concert with the local government, and will soon be delivering gravel to serve as floors for schools still operating out of tents.

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