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Contractors World 2011 Volume 2 Issue 5
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ITALY Challenge of blending golf course path into native countryside > > > continue > > >


The contractor was responsible for building the sub-base as well as placing the surface lift of gravel and resin mix.

Time was an issue, as the path had to be completed before other course improvements could be made. Work started After evaluating various options and productivity levels SIES acquired a Cat AP300 asphalt paver and quickly got back on schedule.on the project using a paver which the contractor soon discovered did not have the productivity to complete the works within the time frame.

After evaluating various options and productivity levels SIES acquired a Cat AP300 asphalt paver and quickly got back on schedule.

Rolling terrain with weaving path

The rolling hills of the region are one of the attractions of the course, but these also presented challenges when laying the sub-base and surface materials. “The machine can climb hills very easily,” said the operator.

First works were to use a Cat excavator to excavate the path to a depth of 20 cm (7.8”). The paver could then place the sub-base, which included aggregate of 30 mm (1.2”) or smaller. The depth of the stabilised lift was 20 cm (7.8”). A small dump truck delivered the materials to the paver, which placed it as it would a normal asphalt surface.

The material was compacted by a Bitelli roller, after which the AP300 made a second pass, placing a 3 cm (1.2”) lift on the sub-base. The surface material included a mix of small native stone and a transparent resin that provided the look of a natural colour and grain, but with long-term durability.

“The machine can place any type of material without problems: asphalt, cement, gravel, sand, polymers,” said Sanchi.
The plant providing the materials was about 35 km (22 miles) away. A highway truck delivered the materials to the jobsite. The surface materials were then loaded to a site dumper, which transported it directly to the paver.

“The haul truck delivered the materials to different locations so the dumper would only have to travel a maximum of 500 m (1,640’),” Sanchi said.

Material segregation was not a concern because of the independent augers on the machine. There were no specifications for density, given the relatively light use of the path, but the mat had to be compacted.

“The sub-base and surface were built to handle some fairly heavy weights,” he said. “The path can be travelled on by vehicles exceeding 9 tonnes (without a problem).”

Cat AP300 Paver    The compaction process started with the Cat AS3173 Screed. “The screed lays material to the desired width and depth while providing a smooth finish with initial compaction,” Sanchi said. A Bitelli mini-roller, in vibratory mode, completed the compaction process with two or three passes, depending on the conditions.

Production was good, with the paver placing the surface course at a pace of more than 1 km (0.6 miles) per day.

Sanchi said. “It’s a beautiful, prestigious course that we’re honoured to be part of. We’re also thrilled to do our part to contribute to the course: to create a path that fits so naturally into its surroundings. The hills and curves were a challenge, but nothing that couldn’t be overcome.”

The winding path was one of the big challenges that had to be overcome while paving at the Drago Golf Club. Steep hills were another. The gradient varied from about 5% t to as much as 30%






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