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Editorial Comment

This issue highlights some of the challenges facing the contractors building the World Trade Center comp l ex i n New Yo r k . The concrete works are particularly chal lenging . . and there is a video showing the progress up to June 2011.

Each issue we try to include more video content and l inks to brochures and guides for further information. Research shows that readers prefer links that take them straight to further information,instead of just the home page of a web site. We listen to reader feedback and, as far as possible, we have introduced this from this issue.

You wi l l a l so not i ce that we have made fur ther adjustments to type faces to make for easier reading in which ever format you select.

Any signs of recovery?

In global terms there would still appear to be little room for optimism for any signifcant pick-up in construction activity. If anything, the banks are making fnance even more diffcult to obtain.

Governments continue to talk the talk but are somewhat short on delivering anything other than platitudes to an industry that is in the middle of what is one of the most severe recessions. See AEM comment

This is evident by the lack of tower cranes on city skylines that, for so many years, was an indicator that everything was well.

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Page 4 - cw-2-6-interactive

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