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Terex cranes gives a lift to Mercedes-Benx truck debut at Nürburgring

A Terex AC 100/4L proved essental in helping Mercedes-Benz with the public debut presentaton of its new Actros truck, during the recent Truck-Grand-Prix 2011 at Nürburgring. In order to show the new trucks in their best light, the manufacturer chose a couple of extraordinary display areas. With the help of the Terex crane, Blankenheim based crane service provider, Kurth-Autokrane, lifed the 8 t. trucks onto a stage and onto the pit lane’s roof.

“Normal ly, l ifting a few 8 t. loads is nothing out of the ordinary for us, but in this case we had to overcome a few unique challenges,” comments Kurth-Autokrane project manager, Frank Rodert. On one hand, the pre-producton vehicles were extremely valuable and could not be damaged in any way while being secured and lifed. A team of specially-trained slinging experts was put in charge of tackling this issue, and used a Krause recovery system that uniformly transmits lifing forces to the axles of the vehicle. On the other hand, the job was characterized by a lack of space

and by the pressure of tme. While the frst lifing operaton was taking place, a series of preparatons for the event were already taking place, and as if that was not enough, the paddock had to be closed of for the second lifing operaton. “

Compact design a crucial advantage

The compact design of the AC 100/4L made it suitable for the tght space conditons at the site. “Most cranes with this kind of lifing capacity have a vehicle width of 2.75 m, but the Terex is only 2.55 m wide - in this partcular case, every single centmetre counted,” emphasizes crane operator Josef Drodten.

The crane had to lifed the trucks to heights of up to 18 m while working with reaches of 12 to 16 m using a standard confguraton with an additonal ballast of 10.1 t.

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Godwin support recovery efforts at wastewater treatment plant

Godwin Pumps has been mobilizing pipe and crew to aid in the efforts at the North River Wastewater Treatment Plant following a fre there recently. Five pump engines caught fre in the machine room at the treatment plant in Harlem. The 22.86 m (75 f) lif staton fre had caused sewage to enter watersheds and beaches alongside. The total required capacity of the faci l ity is about 120 MGD in dry-weather conditons. The two remaining engines that drive the main sewage pumps have been supplemented with six Flygt electric submersible sewage pumps, ranging from 150 hp to 240 hp, to alleviate the temporary overfow conditons. The Flygt pumps were supplied from Cincinnat and Chicago. Godwin Pumps is supportng the job with piping and engineering. Temporary piping was shipped to the treatment plant, including over 610 m (2,000 f) of 18” pipe and 1,828 m (6,000 f) of 24” pipe. Several pipe fusion machines are on-site, with technicians operatng them around the clock in order to improve the situaton as quickly as possible.

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