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Editorial Comment

Just as I was fnishing of this issue, President Obama made his ‘getting America back to work’ speech, encouraging the legislators to pass the bill to incentivize companies in to employing more by ofering generous tax cuts. Having l istened, over many years, to the pleas of the construct ion industry, manufactures and the transport industry to implement a long term version of the historic Highways Bill, I am not alone in thinking that this speech is nothing more than electoneering.

Didn’t the President emphasize the importance of a modern infrastructure to rebuilding the economy in an early speech this year?

Is it any wonder that the industry has become very cynical of all Government pledges, regardless of the country. All politcians are capable of make strong, sweeping statements, but are all too ofen short on delivery.

Perhaps, President Obama will implement in full the Highways Bill which comes up for renewal in a few week. And, if he does, will governments around the world follow the lead? For the sake of the constructon and related supply chain, we can only live in hope.

The world’s first B2B fully digital advertisement?

Contractors World is making a signifcant breakthrough in this issue with, what I consider to be, the world’s frst ‘TV type commercial’ in a trade magazine. My thanks to Kobelco - a leading player in the construction industry and to the much smaller, more specialised, SMC Light & Power, for recognising that Contractors World offers companies the opportunity to talk to potential customers, present their products and soluton in an informatve way. Afer all, this is the digital age.

I am confident that the readers of Contractors World magazines will be receptve to video content and the ability to get related additonal informaton instantly.

At this time, the interactive advertisements are not fully implemented in the ‘fipping’ version, but our sofware development people are working on it. The interactive advertisements are fully implemented in the PDF (interactive) and BASIC editons. In the meantme, please use the ‘actvate’ buton if you are looking to see video content in the digital editon.

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Page 4 - cw--2-8

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