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Following the pre-

production announcement at ConExpo, Las Vegas in March 2011, Kobelco Cranes Europe has now announced that the new European compliant G-Series range of medium-sized crawler cranes with CE complaint engines is now available within Europe.

New eco-friendly Kobelco G-Series for Europe

The latest models from Kobelco will be the star atracton on the Kobelco stand at Intermat 2012 where the public will get the frst opportunity to look over the 250 t CKE2500G with joy-stcks and fully loaded with various optons. There will also be the 80 t CKE800G complete with joy-stcks and tractor-type crawlers with fat shoes. This model will also show numerous optons.

As the world progresses, and engineering challenges become more demanding, so manufacturers have to adapt to changing customer requirements. This can be heavier lifs, increase load at out reach, restricted ground conditons and accessibility. The emerging wind-farm market is a perfect example of such demands where heavy modules have to lifed to height in remote locatons or out at sea.

These new models from Kobelco is the company’s response to these changing demands.

Apart from meeting mandatory emission regulations, the new series promise to deliver more power and higher performance while maintaining environmental qualites.

As if to emphasise Kobelco’s concern for the environment, when used in almost any situation, the G-Series is equipped with 3 new functons for conserving energy called G-mode, which comprises AIS (Auto-Idle-Stop), G-Winch and G-Engine.

G-mode is a Kobelco initiative and enhances fuel saving and increased power because of the technology that it involves. This is on top of the efciency that can derive from the new engine. However, the G-mode system can be fted to engines that are not EU compliant for use in some parts of the world where the clean fuel is not available. Owners in these countries can stll beneft from the saving G-mode delivers.

Designed for operating efficiency

With the G-mode functons, Kobelco claim a fuel reducton of as much as 25%. Given the rising cost of fuel, this is a signifcant saving and it also means that there is a 25% reducton in emissions. While Carbon Dioxide (CO2) emission are lower by 25%, NOx emission are reduced by up to 50%.

These signifcant savings are achieved with such features as AIS, which, when selected, will automatcally stop the engine afer idling for approximately 10 seconds.

Not only does this functon contribute to lower fuel consumpton, it also lowers the amount of wear and deterioraton of engine and hydraulic components.

Kobelco say that they are the frst company in the industry to introduce this functon to constructon cranes. Another feature is called G-Winch, which provides higher line speed without raising engine speed. Using the high-speed mode allows the hook to be raised or lowered at maximum line speed without raising engine speed when lifing the hook without a load or with a light load.

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