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Three new excavators from Deere

In announcing the latest tracked excavators, John Deere said that they are ‘responding to customer demands for enhanced productivity and a more

comfortable cab’. This implies that the previous models were not productive and did not offer the necessary level of comfort which, for anyone familiar with John Deere excavators, know this is not the case.

But the statement highlights the new awareness that design engineers have. The compettve nature of the industry means that they have to listen to the customers, meet their demands in order to sell machines. So lets take a look at the company’s latest ofering.

New top of the range models

John Deere excavators range comprises 12 models in the 6 - 40 tonne class and 5 compact models below 6 tonnes. The company’s latest oferings are now to the larger, the 40 - 90 tonne market.

To comply with regulatons, the new introductons feature a new interim ter 4 certfed (IT4) engine.

With an operating weight of 47 tonnes, the 470G LC is a 270 kW (367 hp) excavator sized for large commercial

excavatng projects and road building. The 67 tonne (340 kW/463 hp) 670G LC and the 87 tonne (391 kW/532 hp) 870G LC are more suitable for mass excavatng or

truck-loading applicatons.

Responding to Customer Needs

Mark Wall, Deere’s excavator product marketng manager said “In addition to the need to work everywhere, customers also told us that they needed greater producton capabilities from their excavators and more room in the cab for more comfort,”

“In response, we’ve delivered more hydraulic flow for faster work cycles and greater productivity, and have enhanced the cab to provide a more comfortable and spacious work environment with a larger entryway and more legroom. We have also enhanced the LCD monitor to simplify navigaton. Now the operator can easily access a wealth of machine informaton and functonality with a ‘tap and turn.’”

By using the LCD monitor ’s rotary control, operators have quick access to operatng informaton such as engine

Contractors World Vol 2 No 9

The new John Deere excavators feature improved, more spacious cabs, digital display and all-round visibility.

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