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rpm and oil temperature, and they can easily check maintenance intervals, adjust cab temperature, tune the radio and select work modes.

Three working modes

Most manufacturers accept that engine technology is so advanced today that operator selected work modes can be automated. However, operators like to be able to make the choice. The new excavators offer a choice of three work/

power modes: “High-productivity” delivers more power and faster hydraulic response to move more material; “Power” allows a balance of power and speed for normal excavaton; and “Economy” mode limits top speed and helps save fuel during light digging work.

“This smart technology, combined with more hydraulic fow, means customers can be more productve and efcient, moving more material per gallon of fuel,” Wall said. “There’s also a ‘power boost’ buton on the right-hand control to provide extra muscle to drive the bucket through tough digging conditons.”

Powerful IT4 engine

Deere’s IT4 engine technology is simple, fuel efficient and fully integrated. It uses field-proven cooled exhaust gas recirculaton (EGR) for reducing NOx emissions, and a diesel partculate flter and a diesel oxidaton catalyst to reduce partculate mater.

Periodic actve and passive flter cleaning automatcally cleans the flter without the operator having to stop the machine and impact productvity.

The excavators retain Deere’s Powerwise III engine management system, to perfectly balance engine performance and hydraulic fow for predictable operaton. Short-throw low-efort controls give operators precise metering, greater accuracy and a smooth multfuncton operaton.

The hydraulically driven, highly efcient fan at the heart of the excavators’ cooling system also runs only as needed, reducing noise, fuel consumpton and operatng costs. A standard, operator-actvated reversing opton back-blows cooler cores to keep them clean and free of debris.

JDLink Monitoring

All three excavators are equipped with the JDLink Ultmate telematcs machine monitorin g system, a system which, for a subscription gives owners 24/7 online access to the machine. “Customers can track machine health, utlizaton and fuel consumpton,” Wall explained. “This valuable informaton helps owners beter understand costs and jobsite performance.”

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Latest John Deere G-Series Excavators

350G LC 670G LC 870G LC

Net rated power 202 kW / 271 hp 345 kW / 463 hp 397 kW / 532 hp

Operatng weight 34 726 kg / 76,557 lb. 71 688 kg /158,045 lb. 87 659 kg / 193,255 lb.

Lifing capacity 12 851 kg / 28,331 lb. 15 300 kg /32,900 lb. 20 260 kg /43,800 lb.

Max digging depth 8.18 m / 26 f. 10 in. 9.15 m /30 f. 0 in. 9.57 m / 31 f. 5 in.

Arm digging force 152.6–159.0 kN

34,314–35,745 lb.

224–231 kN 50,357–51,931 lb.

273–280 kN 61,373–62,946 lb.

Bucket digging force

225.2–246.0 kN 50,628–55,303 lb.

290–324 kN 65,195–72,838 lb.

359–399 kN 80,706–89,699 lb.

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Page 23 - cpe-

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