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Caterpillar has announced four

changes to the tracked excavator range.

The Cat 349E replaces the 345D, while the 336E, the 324E, the 329E replaces the equivalent model D series. To meet regulatory requirements, all models feature a CAT ACERT engine compliant with EU Stage IIIB emissions standards.

Four from Caterpillar

The 336E has a net power ratng of 236 kW - and 11% increase and 4% faster cycle tme while improving fuel efciency. Higher hydraulic pressure in heavy lif mode boosts lif capacity by 5% contributng to high productvity when lifing large pipe and trench boxes. Power is from a Cat C9.3 engine

The 349E delivers 317 kW net horsepower, which is more than the 345D that it replaces. Even with the higher power output, fuel efciency is typically 5% less. Power is from a Cat C13 engine.

The 25,,127 kg - 29,859 kg, 324E has 145 kW horsepower, an increase of 3%. Hydraulic system refnements, including increased fow and pressure, give 5% greater productvity, while overall fuel consumpton drops by 5%. Engine is a Cat C7.1.

Weighing between 28,717 kg and 31,639 kg, the 329E, with an output of 173 kW represents a 13% increase, less fuel consumpton and 5% more lifing power from the C7.1 engine.

Compromised design

When seen for the frst tme, these new excavators look very diferent. Gone are the sweeping curves, sloping canopies and rounded corners. Instead, to provide all the afer-treatment and cooling equipment demanded by the new engines (in order to meet regulatory requirement), the models have a very ‘boxy’ rear end.

This is no critcism of Caterpillar as other new excavators announced in this issue also follow the same trend. It is very much a compromise situaton. The regulatons have to be met and designers have not had the tme to get in to detailed design that could require a completely new upper structure. Contractors World is in no doubt that the curves will return in future models.

In order to meet the stringent Stage IIIB emissions standard, the engines, which use an ultra-low sulphur diesel (ULSD)

or a blend of ULSD and 20% biodiesel fuel, feature automatic regeneration s y s t e m s t o r e m o v e accumulated particulate mater.

T h e r e g e n e r a t i o n system is designed to be fully automatic, requiring no operator act ion and wi t hou t impac t i ng on

Caterpillar New E-Series tracked Excavators

Cat 324E Cat 329E Cat 336E Cat 349E Engine power ratng (net) - kW 145 173 236 317

Hydraulic fow - L/min 462 494 578 770

Operatng weight (max.)- kg 29,479 31,639 39,370 53,300

Dig depth - mm 6,810 7,250 8,190 8,180

Dump height - mm 7,450 6,950 7,500 7,460

Forward reach - mm 10,110 10,680 11,729 12,120

Specifcatons are given for guidance only and are subject to wide variaton depending on confguraton

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