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machine performance, The operator also has the opton to override the automatc setng.

A common feature to the new engines is great output with less fuel but to benefit from this hydraulic systems need to be optmised and in communicaton with the engine management systems.

The Cat excavators have ‘one-touch’ idle control and an engine shut down setng via the monitor control panel which efectvely stops the engine afer it has idled for a pre-set tme.

Other features include load sensing to deliver power where its required and economy mode which maintains a constant engine speed regardless of load - a useful opton in many truck loading applicatons.

Looking after the operator

There seems to be no end to the level of comfort, space and safety that is being built in to operator cabs today. More space has generally been made available by electronic controls and integrated digital display units which enable the operator to sit in a more comfortable positon. Additonal space is made possible using new, less bulky components for soundproofng and composite structural materials which are also lighter and stronger.

The latest cabs from Cat feature new cab seals and a new

roof-lining material to lower in-cab sound levels. The LCD monitor is larger and simpler to use - a positve move to encourage operators to fully use the setngs available. For most operators, the simpler the beter.

Caterpillar ever since the Cat Comfort Seat has put a lot of R&D in to providing what they consider to be the best seats in the industry. New seat options include new heated and air-cooled options while the automatic climate control system has improved air flow. Dual 12-v power outlets add convenience.


There are some changes to the basic undercarriage. The 329E, for instance, has a grease-lubricated undercarriage that has a press-ft master link (instead of the slip-ft type) to improve durability. A new optonal three-piece guiding guard assists in maintaining track alignment.

All four new excavators have a redesigned motor housing that prevents mud packing and debris buildup around seals. With the exception of the 349E, the new models have two counterweights optons. The counterweight removal system comes with new integrated links to enable easy removal for maintenance or shipping. The 349E has the opton of either fxed or variable gauge confguraton.


A benefit of the larger engine housing is that it has enabled bigger access doors to be fitted and an improved hood providing easy access to the engine and cooling compartments.

Filters within the cooling package tlt out for easier cleaning and replacement and, as with fuel and engine flters, are accessible from the ground.

Cat ‘Quick-Evac’ port facilitate easy changing of engine and hydraulic oil as well as fuid sampling ports for Cat’s SOS fuid analysis service.

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Page 25 - cpe-

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