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many competitive machines of this size. Features such as this increase controllability of the boom swing function and, by el iminating the pedal, provides more foor space. When not in use, the t ravel pedals can fold forward for maximum foot room and easy cab clean-out. The travel levers are posi tioned adjacent to each other, allowing easy drive control, even with one hand if necessary. This improves backfilling productivity as the operator can steer with one hand while adjustng the blade with the other.

The E26 mini-excavator has an auto-shif travel motor allowing the machine to shif automatcally from low to high speed and vice-versa, giving improved travel performance in all working conditons. The operator can also actvate this feature by pushing the buton on top of the blade control lever.

Another simple feature helps avoid a spill when refuelling from a jerry can. An interval bleep indicates the level of the fuel as it approaches the maximum.

It is powered by a 15.5 kW Kubota D1105-E2B-BCZ-2 diesel engine which benefts from a new air intake, cooling and exhaust system to reduce noise for both the operator and bystanders (operator noise level is 77 dB(A) and bystander noise is 91 dB(A)). The sealed foor plates and isolaton on the inside of the engine panel behind the operator’s seat reduce undesired heat in the cab.

Let delivery commence - the new E55

Again, frst shown at ConExpo but not available through Europe Aimed at the growing 4-5 tonne mini-excavator market, the new Bobcat E55 compact excavator is based on a platorm similar to that of the popular E50 zero tail swing excavator but has a conventonal upper structure.

Equipped with cab and bucket, it has an operatng weight of 5501 kg. It is powered by the Kubota V2403-M-DI-TE38-BC-4 turbo-charged Tier III diesel engine, producing 35.4 kW net per SAE J1349 of output power at 2200 RPM.

A long dipper stck is standard on the E55, ensuring a superior working range with a maximum digging depth of 3923 mm and breakout forces of 26.1 kN and 42.0 kN in the dipper stck and at the bucket, respectvely.

High stability enables increased lifing capacity and more efcient digging in hard ground. With a lifing capacity over the side of 1405 kg at 1 m height and at a radius of 3 m, the E55 can be used to lif heavy loads, including loading and unloading items from trucks as well as installing heavy piping and constructon materials on site.

Click here for more informaton: Bobcat

Caterpillar Expands Its Mini Excavator Range

Originally shown at Samoter 2011 as prototypes, Caterpillar has now announced that the 300.9D, 301.4C and the 302.7 CR with operatng weights of 935 kg, 1515 kg and 2670 kg are now available. All three models are manufactured under the agreement with Wacker-Neuson.

The 300.9D, at just 935 kg, is the smallest machine in the Cat range. With a width of just 730 mm, it is capable of driving through a standard doorway, providing easy access to the most confned job sites.

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The latest cat mini-excavators are manufactured for the company by Wacker-Neuson as part of an agreement.

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