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Unique sloping frame for improved weight distribution

The frame design of Doosan ADTs is similar to that used by manufacturers of rigid frame dump trucks. The frame is sloped downward from the hinge points to provide equal weight distributon on all axles when the truck is fully loaded. This results in a lower centre of gravity for improved stability.

Operator comfort and convenience

The DA30 has a new ROPS/FOPS cab providing more space and improved visibility for the operator, and, so Doosan claim, ‘best in class’ noise levels (73 dB(A)) and a fully automatic climate control system. For easier operation, Doosan has introduced new electronic systems and simplifed fngertp controls with a digital display of all desired machine functons. The operator benefts from the rear view camera which is fted as standard.

The new body hoist lever is easy to operate and fingertip controlled. The electronically managed hoist lever incorporates a higher body up speed and an automatic body down feature with soft touch down, allowing for safer working conditons.

A large 7” LCD colour monitor panel shows all necessary informaton for driving and handling the machine and also the rear view camera image. For clairty it features backlight dimming according to ambient light conditons. There are various sub-menus that display additonal data and diagnostc functons.

The use of special ”wide angle” (heated) side mirrors gives the operator excellent visibility to the sides, forward vision is also enhanced by sloping canopy and large glass areas and the rear is shown on the in-cab monitor. The cab is mounted on a special rubber suspension to minimise shocks and vibratons to the operator.

Maintenance and service

For routne maintenance and service work, the cab tilts backwards through 83° to provide easy access to components. B e c a u s e a l l e l e c t r i c a l a n d A C connectons are at the rear of the cab, the cab can be tlted without any disconnectng. A ful ly automat ic central greas ing system and rear view camera are standard equipment.

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Doosan DA30 ADT

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An outstanding feature on the new Doosan ADT is the well appointed cab with conveniently placed controls and lots of space.

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