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New LC1600 Series from Linden Comansa

The Spanish tower crane manufacturer launches 3 new modular Flat-top tower cranes

The LC1600 comprises models 16 LC 185, 16 LC 220 and 16 LC 260, which will be available in diferent versions of maximum load with 65 m freestanding, jib length up to 70 m and jib end load of up to 2150 kg (depending on model)

The LC1600 series is a modular design for faster, simpler assembly and transport. With a load capacity ranging from 8 and 12 tons, the new series ft the space between the LC1100 (5 to 8 tons) and LC2100 (12 to 48 tons) families.

For simplicity, convenience and safety, the new models share several modular elements with other existng and some older models.

The cranes of the new series share the jib sectons and the counterweights with those of the LC1100. In additon, the trolley and hoist mechanisms and the trolley-hook joint of the cranes from the new series can be used in the cranes of the LC1600 series, - an obvious advantage for those clients who own cranes of both series.

The new series shares the 2 m wide tower sectons, climbing cage and the 4.5 and 6 m wide cross bases with the LC1600. A transiton secton enables the cranes of the LC1600 family to be erected with 2.5 m wide tower sectons, to obtain freestanding heights up to 100 meters.

A special advantages features is the confguraton. The frst counterjib secton is placed on the gyratory part and, once mounted, the frst jib secton joins in one end and the rest of the counterjib at the other. This beginning of counterjib, which also shelters the hoist mechanism, is more compact than the apex elements of previous models.

The double trolley system of these cranes has been adapted to enable maximum loads of 12 tons. The trolley-hook joint, with pre-installed reevings, comes in a frame to ease the assembly, transport and storage.

The hoist mechanisms include the ‘Ef-Plus System’, which improves the speed of hoist and descend movements by up to 70%. Linden Comansa claim that with this system, the productvity during hoist operaton is improved up to 27%, without any increase in power or electricity consumpton.

The news cranes are the first from Linden Comansa to include frequency control in the slewing movement. This system makes the more efcient use of energy.

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