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Bauer BG 30 rotary drilling rig - upgrade of BG 28

The BG 28 mounted on a BS 80 base carrier has been the best-selling model of BAUER Maschinen GmbH since 2004. However, technology and regulatons have moved on since then, therefore it is not surprising to hear that the company is relaunching the BG 28-BS 80 as the BG 30-BS 95 rotary drilling rig to meet current demands including feedback from customers. New and stringent exhaust emissions regulatons require new generatons of diesel engines and emissions management technologies.

The exhaust after-treatment necessary to meet regulations, and the increase in cooling capacity requires more space on the

upper-carriage. This has been taken into account in the new design of the new base carrier BS 95.

The BG 30 will be marketed worldwide. However, as exhaust emissions regulatons are not uniformly applied throughout the world and ultra-low-sulphur diesel fuel is not yet available in every country, BAUER will stll be ofering current Stage IIIA / TIER III diesel engines in regions outside Europe, USA and Japan.

So what’s changed?

The main winch has been redesigned and mounted at the rear of the uppercarriage. Key features of the new main winch include Increased line pull of 274 kN in the 1st layer (as opposed to 250 kN with the BG 28), easier accessibility and simpler to exchange.

There is also more space on the uppercarriage for other equipment and a wide winch drum (2-layer operaton for great drilling depths)with 75 m rope length (2nd layer).

The rotary drive has also been re-engineered. The torque has been increased from 275 kNm to 295 kNm at an hydraulic pressure of 350 bar. The counterweight design concept has been completely redesigned and now features stackable, horizontal counterweight slabs - a soluton that has numerous advantages over vertcally mounted counterweight elements. The new systems also provide for a constant tail radius and lower deadweight (4.9 or 1.8 tonnes) for easy and safe assembly

Many other details have also been modified to improve both the rig’s operatonal safety and operator comfort, such as an upward-folding hinged service doors and an improved ergonomically optmized operator cab with

sliding door which also features a newly designed, beter arranged display and control butons.

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