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Enhanced ultra-small excavator launched by Kobelco

Although, at this time only available in Japan, the new Kobelco SK130UR has an operatng weight of 13,400 kg and a standard bucket capacity of 0.45 m³.

Powered by a Mi tsubishi diesel generat ing 69.2 kW/2,000 rpm, providing a maximum digging force of 88.7 kN at the bucket and 61.8 kN at the arm..

The parallel ofset boom can be set up to 1,180 mm to the right of 1,17 mm to the lef. Maximum digging depth is 4,820 mm, maximum dump height is 6,090 mm and digging radius 7,570 mm. Width of machine (in transit) is 2,490 mm.

It features a Kobelco integrated noise and dust reducton cooling system (InDR) with flter that are easily accessible and simple to clean and replace.

The AIS (automatic idle stop) function to reduce CO2 emission by up to 17% and lower fuel consumpton.

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automaton tools when importng Adobe PDF vector fles or CAD cross-secton fles.

Optimize earthmoving operations to save time and reduce costs

The new Corridor Mass Haul module combines the corridor design with a haul route network, barriers to haulage, borrow pit and waste site locatons.

The project is then intelligently analyzed to determine the optimum and most cost-effective earthmoving process. Business Center - HCE graphically illustrates the results via traditonal mass haul diagrams and mass haul earthworks reports showing computed haulage routes, lengths and all associated costs.

This approach gives contractors the complete picture of earthworks operations, provides the ability to plan “what if” scenarios and delivers a drill-down to specifc volume and cost informaton before breaking ground on the project.

The Business Center – HCE Corridor Mass Haul module enables beter planning, bidding and executon for contractors, and can save both tme and reduce costs in all phases of the constructon lifecycle.

Greater accuracy and productivity gains

Business Center – HCE version 2.50 includes new productvity tools that increase the accuracy and speed of construction takeoff with automated vector data extracton and the ability to import an even wider variety of source data types.

Users can accurately place and automate line work extraction from Adobe PDF vector fi les containing both plan and cross-section data, eliminating hours of time-consuming and monotonous manual information digitalizaton.

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