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Contractors World 2012 Volume 3 Issue 1
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Construction News - Products

The new D5K Series track type tractor from Caterpillar launched at World of Concrete 2012

The new D5K Series track type tractor from Caterpillar launched at World of Concrete 2012

Caterpillar takes positive stance at World of Concrete

The Caterpillar display at World of Concrete 2012 will encompass 464 m² (5,000 ft³) of prominent floor space in the Central Hall. To demonstrate their commitment to the construction industry and continued investment in R&D they will be introducing a raft of new products as well as variations on existing products such as the new Cat CT660 Vocational Truck in dump- and mixer-body configurations.

K Series 930 Small Wheel Loader

The new Cat K Series small wheel loaders (924K, 930K and 938K) are redesigned to deliver what Caterpillar says is class-leading comfort, performance and fuel efficiency. The new loaders use the Cat C6.6 ACERTTM engine, which meets Tier 4 Interim emission standards and can deliver fuel savings of up to 30%, compared with H Series models. This is significant considering the increasing fuel costs and growing concern on environmental issues.

The new loader linkage blends the power of Z-bar linkage with the versatility of Cat VersaLinkTM or IT linkages for superior performance with buckets or forks. Featuring a new intelligent hydrostatic drive system, the models are equipped with a front-axle differential lock, new cooling package, and new operator’s station with automatic climate control.

Cat K Series wheel loaders to be unveiled at World of Concrete 2012

Cat K Series wheel loaders to be unveiled at World of Concrete 2012

K2 Family D5 Track-Type Tractor

The new Cat K2 track-type tractors (D3K2, D4K2 and D5K2) are designed for outstanding performance in utility and finish-grading applications. Powered by the Cat C4.4 engine, which meets Tier 4 Interim emission standards, these new models feature hydrostatic drive and a new traction control system that reduces track slip during maximum load conditions.

The new stable blade system complements the operator’s blade-control input, and a new Eco Mode system can improve fuel economy up to 10% with appropriate reductions in engine speed.

E Series Mini Hydraulic Excavator

The new E Series Compact Radius (CR) mini hydraulic excavators models—303.5E CR, 304E CR, 305E CR, 305.5E CR and 308E CR SB (swing boom)—feature new engines that meet Tier 4 Interim emission standards and refined auxiliary-hydraulic systems that provide adjustable flow rates, pre-set work-tool flows and continuous-flow capability.

Secondary auxiliary-hydraulic controls are integrated into new ergonomic joysticks, and the implement hydraulic system features a new economy mode. A new monitoring system with the COMPASS digital display panel simplifies operator interface with new control features, including an anti-theft feature. Operating weights range from 3,500 kg ( 7800 lbs) to 8,400 kg (18519 lbs).

D Series 272 XHP Skid Steer Loader

The new Cat D Series skid steer loaders (272D and 272D XHP) and compact track loaders (299D and 299D XHP) are large-frame models built to take on the toughest digging applications and handle the largest work tools—such as cold planers and wheel saws. The new D Series models use a more powerful, Cat C3.8 engine that meets Tier 4 Interim emission standards and feature a 19-percent boost in lifting force.

The XHP models are the largest and most powerful models of their type ever produced by Caterpillar, having an auxiliary-hydraulic flow of 40 gpm (150 lpm) that produces 22% more hydraulic horsepower, compared with C Series models.

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