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Contractors World 2012 Volume 3 Issue 1
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Construction News - Products

The CLG842 IV loader, CLG922E and CLG945E excavators are the latest models from Chinese company,China

New loaders and excavator from LiuGong

The CLG842 IV loader, CLG922E and CLG945E excavators are the latest models from Chinese company, Liugong. Unfortunately, little information is available outside of China at this time, but Contractors World have been able to get the following information.

Details of the new products are probably being held back from key export markets until the second quarter of 2012 and will more than likely put in an appearance at Intermat 2012.

The independently developed CLG842 IV loader is the first wheel loader from Liugong that meets European IV emission standard in China. The loader is powered by a Cummins engine with gross power of 149 kW and an operating weight of 15,500 kg. Bucket capacity is 2.7 m³.

An adjustable steering column and seat provide the operator with a comfortable operating position. The cab offers good all round visibility and is pressurized and insulated for lower sound.

The latest excavator - the 45 tonne CLG945E - meets the second phase of emission standards in Europe and America with a proven, air-cooled, turbocharged Cummins QSM11 engine with a power rating of 290 kW.   The latest excavator - the 45 tonne CLG945E - meets the second phase of emission standards in Europe and America with a proven, air-cooled, turbocharged Cummins QSM11 engine with a power rating of 290 kW. It has a maximum digging radius of 12 m and a digging depth of 7.86 m The operator, from a superior, spacious cab offering good visibility, can select from 5 operating modes.

The E series excavators can be equipped with Tier 2, Tier 3, and Tier 4 engine, which means they can meet the requirements of different customers in the world. Unfortunately Liugong will not release information on the CLG922E but it can be assumed that this is a 22 tonne machine

LiuGong looking to produce dump trucks

The Chinese manufacturer, Liugong, has rapidly gained access in markets around the world over the past few years. Now, with a 42% share in mining truck manufacturer Beijing Capital Steel Heavy Duty Truck Co. Ltd, the company is looking to increase its product portfolio.

Little has been said at this time but Contractors World understands that Liugong is to participate in research and development, manufacturing and sales.

Beijing Capital Steel Heavy Duty Trucks range extends from 32 tonnes to 190 tonnes and is owned by Beijing Capital Steel - a mining company with over 50 years in mining and mineral concentration.

Click here for more information >>> LiuGong

Caterpillar 250,000th Backhoe Loader

Caterpillar recently presented it’s 250,000th Backhoe Loader machine.

Since manufacture of this product began in 1985, Caterpillar has gone on to produce a total of 5 series of backhoe loaders - each more innovative than the last. Over the years, the company has introduced industry firsts such as the true-excavator style boom for better clearance over objects and on certain models, standard pilot hydraulic joysticks, increasing operator comfort.

The Cat backhoe loader, over the last 25 years, has sold just under a quarter of a million units world wide taking considerable market share in a relatively short amount of time.

Click here for more information >>> Cat backhoe-loaders




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