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Editorial Comment

2012 - What will it bring?

As Contractors World magazines publish the first editon in the magazines 3rd year, litle has changed since we started publishing in 2010. The economic si tuat ion then was dire and many economists continue to say the situation is going to get worse. But I cannot help but wonder sometimes what economists base their forecasts on. As we have reported on frequently in our news pages, many manufacturers and contractors are putting out positive fnancial results.

As this issue shows, companies large and small continue to roll out new equipment and report increasing sales. If there is little activity within the construction industry, who is buying this equipment? Delivery times for new machines are getng very long - in some instance almost 12 months. Plan hire companies have, during the year, placed mult-million dollar orders to not only replenish feets but also to expand them.

But, the industry is in for tough tmes, as governments around the world are forced into implementing severe austerity programmes in order to save their credit ratings and currency stability. Even those countries that many say are enjoying boom tmes have to face reality. There is already signifcant evidence of the decline in output from China and for how much longer the country can continue to adjust its currency to maintain a competitive exchange rate is questonable.

Contractors World atended a presentaton by Atlas Copco in December who also astounded many editors when they said that the Brazilian market was not as signifcant as many proclaim. India’s growth is based on constructon methods, cheap labour and health and safety standards that would not be tolerated in any developed country.

The construction industry is used to tough times

The construction industry is a tough and demanding one and as such is used to managing its way through tough economic tmes. Contractors generally are always optmistc and contnuously plan for the future. Which is why so many will be attending the various trade shows around the world this year. Kicking the year of is the annual World of Concrete in Las Vegas, then there is the USA Rental Show but the big one for 2012 is Intermat in Paris which takes place in April. The show atracts some 200,000 visitors from around the world.

Contractors World will be reporting regularly on what is new and what companies are saying throughout the year. This issue includes reports on new Komatsu machines - which may be at Intermat, latest from Caterpillar, John Deere. Link Belt and others.

For us the challenge is working through the PR spin as ‘new’ does not always mean what it says. It could be ‘new to Europe’ or ‘frst tme at Intermat’ in which case it could be almost 3 years old!

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Page 4 - cw-3-1

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