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Two Tier 4i generators from Multiquip

Multiquip in the USA has just launched the DCA40SSKU4i and the DCA150SSCU4i, Interim Tier IV compliant generators at POWER-GEN Internatonal.

The emissions of the DCA40SSKU4i generator ’s 49-hp engine are such that they do not require registrations in California with the Air Resources Boards. The unit is equipped with a 49-hp Kubota (V3300-E3BG) diesel engine providing 37 KVA three-phase prime outputs at 240V or 480V while producing only 65 dB(A) at 23 feet. The generator ofers 10 hours of run tme at full load or 30 hours with an optonal trailer and 52 gallon fuel cell.

This model is well inside the Federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Tier 4i mandated emissions standards. The unit is equipped with a diesel particulate

flter (DPF) to trap partculate mater from the diesel engine exhaust, producing zero grams per brake horsepower-hour (gr/bhp-hr).

The self-cleaning design uses a regeneration process, manual or automatic, to burn off accumulated soot once it reaches its factory set limit. The manual opton allows the operator to select the best tme to begin regeneraton. Visual indicators in the control panel alert the operator of the regeneraton need or progress and it also displays diagnostc troubleshootng guides which allow the user to identfy and correct errors.

The generator control panel is designed for operator convenience and ease of operaton. The panel is equipped with both analog and digital controls. Analog displays provide quick readings of key performance areas such as engine oil pressure, water temperature, batery charging, fuel level and engine RPM, while digital displays provide clear readouts of engine and DPF performance.

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Tandem Tilt-Bed Trailer from Humbaur

Trai ler manufacturer, Humbaur, is extending its range of professional t rai lers wi th the SENKO product development. The tandem tilt-bed trailer is designed specially for the transport of machines with low ground clearance. All vehicle components are designed for heavy-duty use.

The new trailer is designed to provide the highest levels of stability and durability. Made from bolted, three millimetre thick, steel plate, it has the strength to cope with the hardest of challenges. Hot-dip galvanised components ensure a rust-free service life.

The hydraulically lowering axles and the metre long access ramp help with machines having a low ground clearance to load almost at ground level. Safety is provided by a non-slip special hole patern and ten lashing rings integrated in the fooring framework.

Available in two box dimension – 3.55 x 1.66 and 4.00 x 1.91 metres. Its payload varies from 1.5 to 2.6 tons, depending on the model.

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