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Genie S-Trax boom fuels faster maintenance of giant oil tanks

With thirty-five oil tanks that individually hold up to 100 million litres on one 1 700 000 m² site, application of an ant-corrosive coatng to each structure was costly and tme consuming for Die Nord-West Oelleitung GmbH, a holding facility that supplies crude oil to several refineries across Germany. With contractors on-site for up to a year, the company needed equipment that would speed the project’s completon in challenging terrain. The soluton was a Genie S-65 Trax telescopic boom, featuring a working height of 21.86 m and four-point track system with a low ground pressure (0.68 kg/cm²) that made light work of sodden and steep terrain.

Mr. Ingo Horstmann of Ulferts & Witrock, the site’s rental provider explains, “Purpose-built embankments surrounding each tank, designed to contain their volume in oil, create levees that water-logged the ground. Traditonal tracked equipment could tear-up the turf and cause more maintenance, but the Genie, with lower ground pressure and 45% gradeability, left the boggy ground virtually untouched and could also handle embankment slopes. This cut our client’s man-hours considerably, opposed to a static solution, as relocating equipment between tanks could be done on the fly and, during paintwork, workers repositoned around each structure signifcantly faster with the Genie driven at full working height.

“Although fnishing sooner, contractors benefted in comfort as the platorm smoothly travels over rough terrain, with a Genie® actve oscillaton axle system that senses the landscape and adjusts the axle positon accordingly.

We added Genie S-Trax models to our fleet as, like elsewhere in Northern “Europe, wet weather and mud are common in Germany, driving customer demand in many types of worksite. As a result we were also one of the frst to order two of the new 15.7 m models on their release in September 2011.”

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different sporting activities and the Central Arena with Medals Plaza for the opening and closing ceremonies and the medal ceremonies.

A further cluster of completely new facilities high up in the mountains at Krasnaya Polyana features a Biathlon and Ski Complex, a Sliding Centre for Bobsleigh, Luge and Skeleton, a Freestyle Skiing and Snowboarding Park, an Alpine Skiing Resort and a Ski Jumping Centre.

As a result of staging the Olympic Games, the entire Greater Sochi area, with its numerous small spa towns burdened with inadequate regional traffic infrastructure facilites, will now receive a completely new infrastructure. The most far-reaching project is the nearly 50 kilometre long combined railway and highway from Adler to the Alpika-Service mountain resort, which wi l l not only

provide the main passenger transport artery for the Games but will also help to improve regional infrastructure afer the Olympics.

As the combined railway and highway routes approach the center of the city they are elevated over a length of 1420 meters at a height of 5 to 6 meters and founded on in-situ concrete piles. This elevated secton runs along the bank of the Mzymta River. Given the mountainous conditons along the route, the line also required the constructon of twelve new tunnels with a total length of 26 kilometres and 46 bridges. This soluton provides the most streamlined route possible. The overall infrastructure programme also allows for the constructon of three new railway statons. (see detailed report in Contractors World Vol 2 Issue 2)

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