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Ruthmann reach new heights

Wind power is an increasingly important source of renewable energy. The United States is one of the leading nations in wind energy with the German energy company, E.ON, making a contribution to the advancement of renewable energy. The development of renewable energy in North America is part of the company’s strategic growth areas outside of Europe

Many wind farms operated by E.ON in the USA, including Panther Creek, are in Texas because it is one of the windiest regions of the world.

The regular maintenance and inspecton of wind turbines is essental to ensure a contnuous generaton/supply of electricity. To carry out this all-important task at Panther Creek, E.ON relies on the Ruthmann Steiger TTS 1000 (owned by Abilene High Lif Aerial) to get the job done safely and efciently.

The company says that with a working height of 100.4 m, the TTS 1000 is the most capable aerial platorm on the North American contnent. With over 305 wind turbines and installed capacity of 457.5 megawats, Panther Creek is among the 10 largest wind farms in the USA. Panther Creek alone has enough generatng capacity to supply electricity to approximately 135,000 homes.

“Most of our customers are in the construction and energy sectors”, says Steve Roth, manager of Abilene High Lift Aerial. “Safety and efficiency were key factors while searching for an aerial platform large enough to perform maintenance work at wind farms. We came across the TTS 1000. There are other manufacturers that have cracked the 100 metre working-height mark but the TTS 1000 clearly has the most suitable aerial-platorm concept. In additon to excellent performance data, including the 40 m lateral reach at heights to 60 m, this model provides enormous stability. It is feasible and safe to carry out assignments even at wind force 7”.

“At the Panther Creek wind farm, we support E.ON mechanics with their maintenance and inspecton dutes”, adds colleague Jim Mahan. “Time is money. The TTS 1000 lives up to this moto perfectly. The 160° rotatng jib, coupled with the excellent lateral outreach, allow us to easily reach all areas of the rotor blades that need to be serviced.

“In the past, this was an extremely difcult and tme-consuming procedure. Rotor blades were only accessible through work baskets, which had to be atached to cranes, or through cable elevators. The TTS 1000 can do the job in half the tme!.”

Another plus of this model is the special tractor-trailer confguraton. Before it was shipped to the USA, the TTS 1000 was “unifed” with a Mack truck instead of a Mercedes-Benz. This combinaton provides local truck service without any problems.

The machine is powered by a Mack Granite Series truck purchased from TransEdge Truck Centers and manufactured by Mack Trucks of Allentown, PA.

The founders of Abilene High Lif Aerial are Steve Roth, president and Darrell Shortes, vice president. Both are industry veterans with over 50 years of combined experience. Roth has partcipated in both corporate and public constructon administraton; Shortes is president of Raydon Constructon, a mult-faceted constructon company that he founded. Raydon will be providing operators that are both factory and IPAF trained on the Steiger TTS 1000 for companies wantng them.

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