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all primary functon hydraulic rams and stabilisers, to prevent collapse in the event of pressure loss. An emergency get-down pump and emergency stop functon ensure both operators and other site personnel can control the machine in the event of a malfuncton.

Wheel Loader Gets the Treatment

JCB has unveiled a new wheeled loading shovel model equipped with a Stage IIIB (Tier 4 Interim) compliant engine ofering increased power and torque and reduced fuel consumpton. Improved transmission optons, upgraded axles and robust styling combine with a revised interior to provide faster, more productve machines.

Replacing the 456, the JCB 457 with a engine which develop 16% more power and 18% more torque.

The machine is equipped with an ECO mode, which can be selected by the operator to reduce engine output for lighter dutes and fuel savings of up to 6%. The 457 does not require any form of additive to provide low emissions with high power outputs.

The latest model is equipped with an Intelligent Clutch Cut-Off system between the engine and transmission. When the operator presses the brake pedal this allows the engine to provide maximum power to the hydraulics, ideal for truck loading duties, while reducing power to the driveline, giving greater control at lower travel speeds. This boosts productvity when digging and loading and reduces brake wear within the axles.

The cab features a higher level of

interior fnish. A new full colour LCD monitor and revised instrument cluster provides a clear view of important machine functions. Operators can access additional information through the screen’s intuitive menu system, including fuel consumpton, cycle data and other working informaton.

Customers can choose from various optons as with all the models in the range.

Not one. Not two. But twenty three

Normally, editors are used to companies announcing one, two or three new models to a series. It is not very ofen that a company stands up and says “A complete new range” which is what JCB has just announced.

The company has said that the entre series of tracked and wheel excavators - 23 models - will deliver productvity, be more efcient and will be clearly identfable with new styling and livery.

Furthermore, some of JCB’s excavators are being powered by JCB Dieselmax engines for the frst tme ever which means, in some cases, delivering a 24% improvement in fuel efciency.

JCB is now installing its record-breaking JCB Dieselmax 444 engine into its JS 11 to 18 tonne range of tracked and wheeled excavators where it replaces the former Isuzu.

Tim Burnhope said that the Stage 3A/Tier 3 JCB 444 Dieselmax engine will set a new benchmark in excavator reliability and performance. The beneft the more powerful JCB Dieselmax engine brings is the ability to move earth or rubble with far more ease. The engine response tme is also much faster. The cooling package is now larger and quieter, mainly because of a 9% bigger cooling fan which rotates more slowly.

The largest market segment for excavators is in the 20-24 tonne weight range, accounting for just over one-third of all machines sold. A total of 80% of these are used in the

Page 43 - cw-3-2

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