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signifcantly higher costs and longer downtmes for the customer.

The task was fawlessly carried out with two Terex AC 40 City units working in tandem: “We equipped the two cranes with “runners” (assembly jibs), which allowed us to perform the lift without hoisting rope, in other words, with the booms only.

“This way, we were able to lif the load to within inches of the ceiling, something that we could not have done with any other crane model,” explains crane driver Dirk Lichter.

With the help of a signalman, the crane operators were able to complete the tandem lif with the required accuracy, by moving both cranes in perfect synchronizaton in order to place the overhead bridge crane on the running rails with utmost precision.

Both operators had to first lift the overhead bridge crane in a diagonal position so that it would fit through the opening between the rails and then carefully turn it untl it was aligned with them.

As the most compact unit with a 40 tonne lifing capacity from the City Crane series, the Terex AC 40 City is partcularly well-suited to operatons that have to be performed in constrained spaces. The crane’s overall height makes it possible to cope with clearance heights as low as 2.99 meters, while a total length of only 8.57 meters and a carrier length of 7.34 meters provides a high level of manoeuvrability; further enhanced by its independent rear-axle steering. It is allowed to travel on public roads with its maximum system length of 44.2 meters, representng yet another advantage.

The telescopic main boom’s length ranges from 7.80 to 31.2 m while the four boom head sheaves are designed for maximum loads of up to 34.4 tonnes. A heavy-lift attachment with an additional sheave, which makes it possible to achieve a maximum lifing capacity of 40 tonnes, is one of the many optons available for the unit. Other available optons include 7.1 m and 13 m main boom extensions with a folding jib/double fy jib, as well as a three-sheave, 1.2 meter long assembly jib designed for loads of up to 15 tonnes. Finally, the crane’s standard counterweight weighs 5.45 tonnes.

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Skid Steer Loader in shiphold application

Os terhuber Ag ra r, a s torage , cargo handling and port logistics company, opted for a Wacker Neuson 501s skid steer loader to work in a variety of material handl ing appl ications. The new machine has been used daily to unload ships and for warehouse work. With its compact dimensions and excellent manoeuvrability, it is ideal for use in shipping containers and to help turnaround agricultural products.

Maximum productivity

Warehouse manager, Gerhard Höfelschweiger explains, “Safety is paramount, particularly when using the 501s to unload ships. The machine’s single-point lifing kit is a partcularly welcome feature during repeated lifing, since rapid, uncomplicated lifing from ship to ship is very important to us”.

As CEO Jürgen Zimmerman explains, “In additon to the superb advice received from the dealer during the ofer phase, we were also persuaded by the maintenance-friendly service access. It was important to us that the machine did not have a horizontal cooler that would constantly fll with dust when handling animal feed. Wacker Neuson was able to meet this requirement and this was what fnally clinched the deal for us.”

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