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Editorial Comment

Make the most of

exhibitions - the real and the fanciful A

fter attending exhibitions large and small,

indoor and outdoors, in the heat, snow and rain, I hate to think just how many kilometres I have walked and how much steel I have seen. As I start to prepare for the next major exhibition - Intermat 2012 - in Paris I questoned whether it is worth the hassle of travelling, paying exorbitant rates for hotels and refreshments? Are the ‘new’ machines really ‘new’ or are exhibitors trying to con me into thinking it is new? Afer all, they pop up frequently at diferent shows around the world, and many do tend to look very similar.

Are the exhibitors really as welcoming as they appear, or is it just because if I have a Press badge or a customer with money to spend?

After much deliberation, I came to the conclusion that, irrespective of the hassles, they always seem to have a ‘magical’ atmosphere that draws you. Even those with the most years in the industry cannot but fail to get a buzz when entering the outdoor arena and hearing the sound of machine, broadcasts, the hum of thousands of people and the vista full of steel as far as the eye can see - and even into the sky.

Even the massive halls have a unique atmosphere - a mixture of new paint, rubber, polish, carpetng and hydraulic oils.

Back to basics

Apart from an opportunity to meet friends and colleagues from around the world, they also are an indicator of the economic situaton.

For many years, exhibitors vied with one another to have the most impressive stand and entertainment. However, economic reality has set in and, although the stands are not much smaller, they are more basic and entertainment has returned to presentng the machines instead of dancers, gymnastcs, stunt motor cyclists and similar, drawing in the crowds but, in doing so, deterring the genuine customers who want to see the equipment.

The last major exhibiton in Europe was Bauma in 2010, when many exhibitors scaled back much to the consternaton of many marketng managers. Their concern was unnecessary as genuine customers still came in the same numbers. Few actually notced that the stands were more basic - the exhibitors realised that those with a genuine interest in the equipment take litle notce of stands.

They are there to see the equipment, which is why I will be at Intermat 2013 and I hope readers will also seriously consider visitng. If you do, the most important thing is a comfortable pair of shoes!

Stop me

I’ll be at the show from beginning tll the end. Look for my distnctve Contractors World badge and introduce yourself. If you would like to meet me then you can email me and we can make appropriate arrangements. But my schedule gets a litle hectc especially in the frst few days.


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Page 4 - cw-3-3-basic

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