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up to 68 tonnes each. This crane has previously been used to erect some of the largest man-made structures in the UK including 200 f tall wind turbines.

The crane is made up of 16 main components and is built over a two week period using a 300 tonne services crane to reach its full height and capacity. Crane operator Weldex are on-site to install the impressive equipment and will be working closely with Mace, the Design, Build and operate contractor appointed by Transport for London (TfL) to deliver the Emirates Air Line.

Danny Price, TfL Emirates Air Line Operatons Manager, said: “The Emirates Air Line is fast taking shape, one of the three towers is already complete with the second due to be completed shortly, and work is about to get underway on the largest of the main towers, which will rise to 90 metres in height. Having one of the largest cranes in the country on site highlights the sheer scale of the job at hand. We are on track to have this new transport scheme opening this summer. Once open it will provide a fantastc new link between the Greenwich Peninsula and Royal Docks and really help to boost regeneraton in the area.”

Mat Randall, Mace’s Project Director on the Emirates Air Line project said of the installaton:

“It is very excitng to see this soon-to-be iconic London landmark becoming a reality and this crane installaton allows us to reach the next signifcant milestone of this impressive project. We need the largest capacity crane to help us meet the challenge presented by constructng this Tower in the Thames. Credit must go to the entre project team for the work contnuing on schedule for this latest important milestone.

Once complete the South Tower will be the tallest of the three towers and will be the only one built in the Thames

itself. Made up of approximately 6,500 steel pieces measuring between 30-50 mm long the total weight when finished will be 568 tonnes, making it also the heaviest tower..

Making progress

Progress is being made on the Emirates Airline project with the erecton of the North Intermediate Tower. The tower, located near the Emirates Royal Docks terminal is the frst of three towers to be erected. Measuring over 60 m tall and weighing 270 tonnes, the tower is the smallest of the three main towers.

Over the coming months, Londoners will see the two f u r t he r wh i te s t r uc t u res r i se up to the sk i es wi th construction of all the towers scheduled to be completed by l ate spr ing 2012. Each tower wi l l be made up of approx imatel y 6,500 steel pieces that measure between 30 – 50 mm with each steel block weighing approximately 30 tonnes.

The comp l ex he l i x l i ke s t r uc t u re wa s i nt roduced by Mace and was a des i gn developed by Aedas, Expediton and Wi lkinson Eyre with the connection and helix structure developed by Watsons.

© All images copyright and supplied courtesy of Transport for London or the MACE Group

The shortest and frst pylon was erected in January 2012.

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Page 9 - cw-3-3-basic

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